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Benefits of morning running

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Running has many health benefits and almost everybody is aware of them. However, running in the morning has something else to offer. Discover the benefits of morning running in the next segment:


Intensely refreshing

Can there be a better experience than going out for a run with your spouse on the beach or green pastures? You enjoy the freshness of Nature, who has also woken up with the rising sun and chirping of birds. The air is pure and the sight is beautiful- you get to see the sunrise. Isn’t that amazing? Thus, people who run in the morning find it an intensely refreshing experience that helps to keep off stress at the bay.


Morning is convenient time for many

Lot of people are early risers. For them morning is the best time as they can wrap up their daily dose of exercise, get rejuvenated, walk back home and move on to daily chores. Thus, morning should be a convenient time if you can manage to hit the bed early.


Your body receiving Vitamin D

The morning sun is your source of vitamin D, which is why it is popularly known as the sunshine vitamin. Wear a pair of shorts with vests or go for sleeveless cuts to ensure that your body is exposed adequately to the soothing sunrays. It is evident that people who go out running in the morning are less likely to suffer from bone diseases in the long run.

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Keeps you energetic rest of the day

With holistic refreshment, working out your muscles, pumping of more blood, your energy levels get magnified with a running session of just 10 -15 minutes in the morning. This way you get moving fast, you can overcome laziness and your productivity at work increases.


Increases performance of your mind

They say, running in the morning amidst natural surroundings is one form of meditation. The whole aura of morning is beautiful for your mind, body and soul. Yoga trainers and health experts believe that running regularly in the morning enhances memory, concentration, awareness, and confidence. If you would like to taste the success, then start it right away!


Optimizes appetite and digestion

Either you consume a pre running meal or not before running in the morning, your body begins to act early and continues to burn calories throughout the day. This way your digestion and metabolism are improved, bowel movements are regularized and your appetite is optimized. Thus, you can take a step forward to healthy living by starting to run early morning.


Lowers your blood pressure

We all know that running helps to stabilize blood pressure. However, the morning time has an enhanced effect which has been proven by several case studies. It revealed that people who went for morning running have experienced better cardiovascular functioning than those who ran on treadmills or at random hours.


You sleep well

That feeling of mild tiredness that comes at the end of the day is actually good for your body because it induces sound sleep. When you know that you have to get up in the morning, you plan your day accordingly, most importantly you go to bed early. You can inculcate this discipline in your lifestyle only when you run in the morning.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: August 20, 2014

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