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Benefits of Cycling

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Cycling is an excellent exercise. It’s fun, enjoyable and immensely beneficial for you. And the biggest advantage- anyone can cycle; only you need to learn and balance your body. We have listed down the benefits of cycling over here.


Easy cardiovascular exercise

Cycling is a great calorie burner and it’s a very easy exercise. Whether you cycle in gym or outdoors, you churn down your body fat with sweating. Thus it proves to be a wonderful cardiovascular exercise.


Enjoyable, relaxing and stress buster

Some people enjoy riding cycle to their work station or simply take off their bikes for a leisure ride while some are fanatic cycle enthusiasts. No matter how big your calibre is if you love cycling it proves to be immensely enjoyable, relaxing and stress free deed.

You can also go out for bi-cycle rides in greener pastures to improve your mental problems like anxiety, depression, etc. Since your mind is diverted you will be able to deal with emotional challenges better.


Cycling improves your blood circulation

Your body is in motion when you are cycling which stabilises your blood circulation, both peripheral and cardiovascular.

A study conducted by British Medical Association has elucidated the fact that, “ cycling just 20 miles a week can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 50%”. However, for best results, you can adjust the speed and duration as per your tolerance and need.

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Cycle everyday for toned leg muscles

If you are shying away from wearing those pair of shorts just because you are not confident of the physique of your legs, then get on to cycling. Peddling is the best leg exercise. It works out your leg muscles, reduces the extra flab and tones them in the perfect shape.



Cycle to build stamina

Cycle is an excellent exercise for building stamina. It tightens your core muscles apart from your legs and thus, your entire body is benefitted. Furthermore, improved blood circulation also adds on to your body’s stamina.


Cycle to improve health of your joints

If you are experiencing stiffness in your joints then get your feet on the peddles. Cycling improves flexibility of your joints and when done in the correct way proves useful for people with arthritis.


Cycling is a form of meditation

Cycling, just like walking is one of the most convincing forms of mobile meditation. This is because you channelize your mind, thoughts and energy to one particular point. You set a goal (be it losing weight, winning a race or anything). This way you gain better physical balance; your concentration and self confidence increase and your mind also calms down.


Cycling is good for kids- it makes them taller

Does your kid cycle? If no, then make sure you get one and help him/her learn cycling. With so much stretching of the leg muscles, your kid would grow tall faster. Furthermore, it would also be a wonderful fun break from gadgets and computers.

Point to note
: Make sure your cycle is comfortable. Do not go on cycling for long hours in one go to exhaust your body and energy. It can also give rise to problems in your groin and genitals. Thus, take your doctor’s advice if you have a medical condition and then grab your bi-cycle.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: August 19, 2014

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