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Arm Exercises for Women

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Many women shy away from wearing sleeveless tops or cropped apparels because they think that their arms are inappropriately shaped- might be bulky or too masculine. Although changing the look and shape of your arms is the prime goal of arm exercises, regular practice improves flexibility and grip of your hands, makes them strong and reduces vulnerability to cramps, sprains, and injury. This is why we have presented you a guide to the best arm exercises for women.


10 Minutes quick arm exercise regimen

This is the simplest version of arm exercises which ideally, every woman should practise every day. It involves the following steps:

Arm rotation and arm raises

Follow the steps below to add flexibility, resistance and strength to your arms and joints:

Step 1: Stand straight with your legs joined. Lift your hands make a circle i.e. rotation. Make sure you are making a full circle i.e. stretching your hands from the front to rotating them from back. Repeat 10 times continuously with each hand.

Step 2: The second exercise is side rotation. Keep your legs joined or stretch them at shoulder’s width apart. Now raise your hands from sides, parallel to the floor with your palm facing the wall. Rotate your arms together sidewise, 10 times. Maintain the same posture, but for the next set of rotation you should make the circle in the front.

Step 3: The third step is arm lifts- half and full. Stand in the same position. Extend your arm sidewise parallel to the ground. Raise them just bit (about 30 degrees.), repeat continuously ten times. Once you are done with half lifts, move on to full lifts. Raise your arms above your head to clap and then swing it down. Perform 10 times.

Static swimming

We all are familiar with the movement of hands while swimming. Well, if you are swimming in the pool then it’s certainly better, or else you can swim while standing. Mimic the motion of arms while swimming forward and backward. Perform 20 or 30 repeats in one go.

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Arm exercises with exercise equipment

Well, if you are concerned about toning, chiselling, strengthening, and adding that perfect shape to your biceps and triceps, then you can perform arm workout with resistant bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, etc.

Dumbbell curls

Stand straight with your feet at shoulder width apart and lift your dumbbells with both hands. Keep your hands aside on your waist and then curl your arm to lift the dumbbells up to your shoulder. Bring them down and repeat 5-10 times.

Dumbbell extension

Sit over a bench at home or in the gym and keep your back erect. Take one dumbbell and hold its inner plate firmly with both hands. Raise your arms over your head, hold for 5 seconds and then stretch it a bit behind your head. Then bring the dumbbell down. You can perform this arm exercise with a kettlebell also.

Arm extensions with resistance bands

Resistance bands are excellent equipments for gaining flexibility in your arms and joints and it’s enjoyable too. Grab the resistance band and perform various forms of arm extensions like from the front, back or sidewise. Grab the band, pull it up and down for 10 times or stretch from the sides to the back.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: July 15, 2014