First aid for diaper rash

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It’s indeed natural for parents to worry over even small things that affect their babies. And diaper rash is very common. You can easily understand when your baby has succumbed to diaper rash. The usual symptom is- the skin around the bum becomes red as rashes develop. Your baby cries as he/she finds it extremely uncomfortable due to itching and irritation over the tender skin.

Yes, you can imagine that situation very well. So what do you do immediately to comfort your little baby? Do not panic, we explain you the first aid for diaper rash over here...

First Aid for Diaper Rash

1. Remove the diaper immediately

You cannot let your baby wear that diaper that has caused the rashes. Your baby will stop crying the moment you remove the diaper. 

2. Expose the affected skin to air

Diaper rashes often happen when your baby wears the same diaper for a long time and if the skin is wet. Check for these problems. Make your baby lie down on the bed and gently wipe the wetness with a soft towel or cotton. Do not use perfumed baby tissues. 

3. Cool the skin and re dry

The best option is to dip the towel or cotton ball in moderately cold water and leave it over the rashes for a few minutes. And then let the skin dry. Raise their feet or turn them over to dry the bottom. 

4. Apply some baby powder or petroleum jelly

Once the skin is dry, apply non-fragrant baby powder over the rashes. Do not go overboard with powder. Puff it and then rub it softly with your hand. The other option is – petroleum jelly, which is safe on babies.

5. Now keep your baby diaper- free for sometime

Let your baby play around without a diaper for some time. Once his/her skin gets soothed, you can put on the diaper. Apply diaper cream all over the bottom and in between thighs before putting on the diaper. If your baby gets cranky after wearing diaper, then do not force.


Home Remedies for Diaper Rash

If your baby’s skin is extra sensitive, then you can try some home remedies as well. 

  • Take half teaspoon of olive oil and mix it with water. Rub the skin mildly with this concoction.
  • You can use pure alove vera (ideally suited for babies) to cover the rashes. Apply 2 times in a day.
  • Apply a diaper rash cream on the bottom before putting on the diaper. Do not forget this if your baby is prone to rashes.
  • Do not use plastic cover on home-made diapers. Plastic irritates skin. Ensure that there’s adequate air circulation. It’s better to remove the diaper at night i.e. while sleeping.


When to see a doctor?

Diaper rash is not a medical condition. If you take necessary care of your baby, the rashes disappear with 2-3 days. However, if they persist and you notice bleeding or pus in the rashes and your baby has fever, then take him/her to a doctor without delay. 

Next time you observe diaper rashes on and around your baby’s bottom, just follow the first aid we have mentioned here. So do not worry!

Written by: team
Date last updated: December 29, 2013

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