Tacrolimus is a medicine that is used along with other medications to prevent organ rejection. It is given to patients who have undergone a kidney, liver or heart transplant.

Tacrolimus belongs to a group of medications called the immunosuppressant’s. The drug tends to reduce the action of immune system. This helps prevent the body’s system from attacking the transplanted organ, thus, reducing the risk of organ rejection after transplantation.

How to Use

One needs to take the tacrolimus capsule orally. The capsule is usually taken twice a day. You can take the tablets at least 12 hours apart. Make sure you take the drug at the same time daily. Tacrolimus should be taken as directed by the physician. Never take more or less than prescribed by your doctor.
If you overdose on Tacrolimus, you should seek medical help immediately. Tacrolimus is also known to increase the risk of getting skin or lymph gland cancer in patients who use this drug.


The doctor will adjust the dosage as per the patient’s requirement. Tacrolimus will prevent organ rejection as long as you take it. Thus, do not stop the medicine without speaking to your doctor. Even if you feel well, do not stop the drug or it could lead to organ rejection.

Special Instruction

Do not use Tacrolimus with medicines such as cyclosporines or sirolimus. Women who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant should not use Tacrolimus as it may harm the fetus. Tacrolimus can be excreted through breastmilk, thus, discuss with your doctor if you should breastfeed or take Tacrolimus. Keep in mind you should not breastfeed if you use Tacrolimus.

Do not take any live vaccines such as measles, mumps, rubella, flu vaccine through nose, BCG, polio by mouth, typhoid, yellow fever, etc. when using Tacrolimus.

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