Floxoday DPS 0.30% eye drops: Uses, Side effects, Dosage

Manufacturer: Invision Medi Sciences

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Trade name: Floxoday DPS

Strength: 0.003

Type: Eye drops

Active ingredient: Ofloxacin

Category: Quinolone antibiotics

Pregnancy category: Ofloxacin belongs to US FDA pregnancy category C.

Uses: Floxoday DPS 0.3% eye drops are used to treat conjunctivitis (pink eye), corneal ulcers and bacterial infections of the eye.

How to use: Before using Floxoday DPS 0.3% eye drops wash your hands with soap water. Bend you head backwards and pull your lower eye lid gently down with one hand and with other hand careful drop one drop into the eye. Do not contaminate the medicine and keep it safe place. Use ofloxacin drops for full coarse of treatment.

Side Effects: Blurred vision, sensitivity to light, eye pain, itching in the eye, dry eyes.

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Dosage: Usual adult dose for Bacterial Conjunctivitis: First two days 1 to 2 drops every 2 to 4 hours and then 1 to 2 drops 4 times daily.

Written by: : healthplus24.com team

Date last updated: February 1st, 2016

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