Uses of lamotrigine

Lamotrigine is an anticonvulsant drug that helps patients suffering from certain seizures due to epilepsy. It helps in reducing the abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Lamotrigine is used along with other medications to treat epilepsy or Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.
Lamotrigine tablets (except the extended-release tablets) are used to increase the time duration between episodes of depression, mania, abnormal moods due to bipolar I disorder, etc. However, lamotrigine does not help when people are actually experience episodes of depression, mania, and other abnormal moods.  Thus, they need to take other drugs in order to overcome these episodes.

How to Use lamotrigine

Lamotrigine is a tablet that comes in different forms. It is available as an extended-release tablet; orally dissolving tablet as well as a chewable dispersible tablet (can be chewed or dissolved in water.
Swallow the extended-release tablets whole. Never break, chew or crush the tablet. In case of chewable dispersible tablets, you can swallow it whole, chew or dissolve it in liquid. If you chew it, drink a little water or diluted fruit to help you wash it down. If you wish to dissolve it, you can take 1 teaspoon of water or diluted fruit juice. Place the tablet in the liquid and let it dissolve for a minute. Then swirl the mixture and drink it immediately. Never divide a single tablet.
Those using orally disintegrating tablet, should place the tablet on the tongue and move it around in the mouth. After sometime, the tablet will begin to dissolve and you should now swallow it with or without water.

Dosage of lamotrigine

One needs to take the extended-release tablets once a day. The other forms of the tablets are usually prescribed to be taken once or twice a day. Usually, the tablets are to be taken every alternate day during the initial stages of the treatment.

Special Instruction for lamotrigine

Inform the doctor if you are using any other drugs or medications. Other drugs may interact with Lamotrigine and cause side effects. You should also inform the doctor if you are using any female hormonal medication.
Women who are pregnant or planning to get pregnant should inform the doctor. Also, nursing mothers should discuss with the doctor before they breastfeed when using Lamotrigine.

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