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How to Maintain The Lost Weight?

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Finally, you have achieved your goal by all means! The dresses are flattering your curves, compliments are showered when you step out, your partner is happy and above all you can sense satisfaction and contentment of regaining that perfect figure which you had lost or have alwayslonged for. But the most crucial test starts now- i.e. the phase after weight loss.So, how do you maintain the lost weight? Many people fail to do so and end up putting on more weight despite all the hard work taken to lose it.

Have no worries, we are here to offer you a solution to avoid experiencing failure after the triumphant weight loss.

Do not change your weight loss schedule

You must have dedicated time and effort to lose that weight, isn’t it? So, continue with that schedule even after weight loss. It’s because once you stop dedicating that time to maintain weight, it’s difficult to figure out a new routine irrespective of the fact you have time or not. Therefore, continue with those one hour workout sessions along with a balanced diet plan. This would be useful in the long run.

Try some new variations in your exercises

If you were a hard core gym maniac and have gotten bored with the machines and weights after building that perfect body,switch over to yoga and aerobics.You can also indulge in learning new activities that would burn a whole lot of calories like dancing, Zumba, swimming, or any other fitness sports. If you maintain continuity with your exercises, there is less chance you will gain those extra kilos again.

Choose your food wisely

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For months you have been avoiding those foods you never imagined to live without. The biggest mistake that people tend to commit after losing weight is eating food to satiate their cravings which had been denied for so long to achieve that sole aim of their life! If you do so, you are in trouble buddy! Yes, once a month you can indulge in taking pleasure to eat whatever you like. Make sure you are eating a balanced diet on a regular basis. If you have already eatena balanced diet during the weight loss period, then continue with the same diet plan. However, if you had followed a crash diet, then it’s high time to get over it and make a healthy choice of foods.

Constant motivation

Motivation is important and you are the one who can motivate yourself to exercise! The simplest way to motivate self is‘the picture matching technique’. Keep two photos of you in your bedroom- ‘Now’ (the slimmer) and ‘Then’ (the plump).Restore that feel-good-factor in your mind;this is enough to keep you motivated. Remember the compliments you are receiving from your spouse, friends, and colleagues. Don’t they motivate you to work out instantly? Go on a shopping trip; buy outfits that would flaunt your newly sculpted body to look awesome in every possible way! Well, yes, time to work out now!

So, is it that hard to maintain weight? A little bit of dedication, motivation and self-consciousness would keep doing wonders for you! Good luck!

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta

Date last updated: february 28, 2015

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