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High protein diet for weight loss

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Lot of people have tried and tested the high protein diet to lose weight. The outcome is positive as it not only helps to shed of those extra pounds quickly but also to gain better control over appetite and energy. 


How to be on a high protein diet in the right way?

As per Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for protein men can have 56 grams a day while women can consume 46 grams a day.

If you are on an 1800 calorie diet, then 30-35% of protein is normal, however a high protein diet would entail increasing it to 50%. This means you need to increase your daily intake of protein to 120-157 grams.


What to eat on a high protein diet for weight loss?

In order to lose weight, 50 % of the foods you eat will be rich in protein. We offer you a meal plan that would help you to attain your weight loss gaols in a short time.

Choice of foods

Choose foods that are calorie free or contain very negligible amount of calories.  Egg whites, skimmed milk, low fat yogurt and cheese, tofu, salamis, lean meat (chicken, steaks), fish (rohu, halibut, mackerel, tuna), nuts, legumes, pulses and beans (soy, kidney, black-eyed, etc.) must be present in main course meals.

Protein drinks for you

While being on high protein diet, you can also have protein supplements like low calorie fruit smoothies (banana, apple, peaches, etc.) and whey enriched drinks. This is particularly advised to those who are into extensive workout regimen and bodybuilding activities

Healthy carbohydrates and fibres

However, on the other hand, doctors recommend combining some healthy carbohydrates and fibres despite keeping the protein portion starkly high. This includes eating fibrous whole grains, cruciferous vegetables, nuts and seeds (pumpkin, sunflower) and plenty of fresh fruits. This way your diet gets balanced in the right way.

It’s also important to take care of your cooking style while wanting to lose weight. So opt for poaching, grilling, boiling or sautéing with very minimum amount of cooking oil.

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What are the advantages of this diet plan?

A study published in Nutrition Metabolism showed that, in the duration of 12 weeks, dieters who increased their protein intake to 30 % of their diet lost about 11 pounds without resorting to any other means of weight loss. 
Nutritionists say that indulging in high protein food naturally reduces your calorie intake. Therefore your body doesn’t need to work out extensively to burn it.

Furthermore, when you combine protein and fibres, you tend to feel full quickly and your hunger pangs remain satiated for a long time. You automatically lose weight when you eat less.

What to think about!!!

Before depending completely on proteins to lose weight, consider consulting with your nutritionist. A high protein diet may not be suitable if you have kidney problems or any other health issue that might aggravate.

At last, nothing in excess is good for long term. So we suggest you to increase your protein intake to a safe limit that would help you to cut down weight and not to go overboard with it.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
date last updated: Feburary 01, 2014

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