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Carbohydrates and weight loss

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You have cut back on milk, eggs, butter and cheese, yet not losing a bit of pound! Why so? The answer possibly is- you have reduced consumption of fat but not those unhealthy carbohydrates which are the biggest hurdles for losing weight. At the outset, you should be clear that there’s difference between fatty foods and carbohydrate sources and the latter does more harm. Explore the article to know more about carbohydrates and weight loss.


How carbohydrates hinder weight loss?

Carbohydrate is the fuel for your cells. They help your body to generate energy by getting converted into glucose. There are several myths associated with carbohydrates and their role in weight loss.

The problem actually is associated with simple carbohydrates or the unhealthy carbohydrates. The reason is justified very well because they get broken down into glucose very fast as they are devoid of fibers. The net result is spike up of blood sugar levels without helping you to reduce your waist. Furthermore, since they get digested very fast, you tend to eat more at frequent intervals thereby increasing your overall calorie consumption.

Eating too much simple carbohydrates has been linked with obesity, heart problems, diabetes and many more health disorders. Such unhealthy variants include refined sugars (cakes, cookies, pastries, chocolates, etc.), refined flour products, white rice, etc.

Thus, you need to minimize these foods to achieve proper weight loss.

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Which carbohydrates should you eat to lose weight?

Coming to the next category of carbohydrates, they are complex carbs or healthy carbohydrates that help to lose weight.

They are natural sources of carbohydrates that are contained in plant cellulose or fibers. You need to consume them to stay active and energetic while working out or exercising for losing weight as well as to perform day to day activities.

Since healthy carbohydrates are rich in plant fibers they keep you fuller for a long time because fibers increase the bulkiness of the foods and make them chewy. You take considerable time to eat and digest. This is how you can stabilize your hunger, portion size and calorie intake by consuming fiber rich healthy carbohydrates.

Additionally, such foods being natural reserves of good carbohydrates are broken down slowly into glucose, thereby moderating your blood sugar levels. Apart from the weight loss benefits, healthy carbohydrates regularize bowel movements and restore health of your colon.

We shall explain you the list of healthy carbohydrates for your weight loss in the next content… 

  • Prepare your fruit plate 

Fruits are the best source of natural carbohydrates that help you to lose weight. You can include berries, strawberries, raisins, and bananas to fulfill the carbohydrate requirement of your body.

  • Have whole grains

Whole wheat pasta, oatmeal, wheat bread, bran flakes or combination of these grains are ideal for your breakfast. Have them with a bowl of milk to kick off a perfect breakfast menu.

  • Energy packed pulses and grains

Lentils, grains, pulses and beans are excellent sources of healthy carbohydrates that you must include in your weight loss menu. Prepare delicious soups out of them and enjoy a good meal.

The bottom line: The daily requirement of healthy carbohydrates differs from one individual to another which is dependent on your exercise regimen, your BMI or weight and your energy demands. Thus, do not knock out carbohydrates from your diet completely; instead focus on choosing healthy variants and control the potion size.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: October 27, 2014

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