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How to Lose Tummy Fat

Tired of wearing lose and baggy clothes because of your protruding belly?

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Well! It is time to get in some serious action and reduce your heavy amount of stored fat in the stomach. However, since, a lot of reasons can be responsible for your belly fat, it is important to gauge your specific cause first, and then, take measures to reduce it.  In addition, according to Wikipedia, before you actually start with the process of burning belly fat or losing your tummy fat and toning your abs, you have to understand the way your body functions and discover the cause behind this ugly bulge.

Causes of gaining tummy fat

  • Menopause: Post menopause, fat starts to get stored in various parts of the body, and often times, gets easily stored in the stomach.

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  • Genetics: Obesity or the tendency to easily gain weight can be hereditary. Normally, there are two types of human body-the apple and the pear shape. So, look around and see what kind of structure your relatives have, if they largely have apple-shaped structure then get alert, as you also might have the propensity to store fat more in your stomach than any other body part.
  • Slow Metabolism: As people grow older, their metabolism slows down, which means that their rate of burning calories decreases and hence, a slower metabolism can also lead to storage of aft, especially in the stomach resulting in tummy fat.
  • Poor Posture: Poor posture can also be responsible for your irritating pot belly. Often, when we sit sluggishly for long hours, we tend to develop tummy fat.
  • Stress: Stress often leads to improper food. People suffering from constant pressure and tension often find pleasure in eating and tend to eat more than their regular, required diet.

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  • Eating Late at Night: This is one of the biggest reasons for having tummy fat. It is best to eat at least 3 hours before going to bed. Eating just before hitting bed increases the risk of gaining tummy fat incredibly.  

Ways to lose tummy fat

  • Avoid Trans fat: Do not eat food stuffs that contain trans fat. Completely avoid margarines, crackers and cookies from your diet. Also, ensure to avoid anything made with partially hydrogenated oils as it directly result in fat getting deposited in the abdomen.
  • De-stress regularly: Join a meditation camp or go for massages to get rid of you daily stress. You may also try to take a break from your routine life or go for distressing therapies.

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  • Drink lots of fluid: Heavy intake of fluids keeps your metabolism proper and improves your digestive system.
  • Get more sleep: People who tend to sleep less actually diminish the ability of their bodies to burn calories. Although it is true that if you be awake and working, you tend to loose weight but it is actually an unhealthy way. So., get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep everyday to lose your tummy fat.
  • Negligence of Beer: Completely avoid beer from your life, if you want to get rid of your tummy fat. Try to satiate your quest of alcohol with a glass of wine, which has only 70 calories.
  • Exercise Regularly: Make sure that you regularly exercise. Regular physical exercise can keep you away from gaining fat. Also, if you overeat sometimes, you can just exercise and burn out your calories. It allows you to live in shape. The problem of bad posture also gets treated with regular physical exercising.

Summary: Although, a lot of people believe that it mainly develops due to improper eating habits and lack of physical exercise, this could only be one of the many other factors responsible for your tummy fat. Hence, discover your cause first and then take actions to lose your tummy fat.

Written by: Saptakee sengupta

Date last updated: April 13, 2015

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