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Boost Metabolism Level by Eating Healthy Food and Doing Regular Exercise 

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Metabolism can be defined as a set of those chemical and physical processes that help in creating and using energy in the body. Processes such as controlling body temperature, circulation of the blood, breathing, etc can be categorized as chemical and physical process of the body. Working of metabolism system of the body in a proper manner is a requisite condition of leading normal life. If the system stops functioning, then it results in the death of a living being. Therefore, it is utmost important to maintain healthy metabolism rate. So, let’s find out how one can maintain the healthy metabolism rate.

Benefits of Good Metabolism

There are innumerable benefits of maintaining good metabolism. Metabolism rate aids in maintaining apt body’s weight. If its rate is higher, then calories burn at a quicker pace and slower metabolism results in burning calories less efficiently. Therefore, good metabolism process ensures in maintaining suitable weight of the body by not putting up extra weight. On the other hand, bad process results in accumulating fat over the body. Sound sleep is another benefit of health metabolism. An undeniable fact is metabolism is the powerhouse of the body. If it is not maintained properly, then an individual has to face health problems like diabetes, thyroid problems, etc. Therefore, it can be said that significance and benefits obtained by balanced metabolism cannot be avoided.

Some people suffer from genetic problems due to which they have to face problems with their metabolisms. Hence, it is the need of the hour to take such measures that result in increasing metabolism system of the body. Fortunately, by applying a number of ways, every person can increase its metabolism.

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Ways to Increase Metabolism

According to the Consumer Affairs “eating low-foods, cutting calories intake, choosing healthy foods, etc are few ways of increasing metabolism”. Although, each person’s body has different metabolism, there are some ways that can be effectively used by everybody. Some of the ways for increasing metabolism are discussed below:

Burn calories-

Burn the calories by performing activities like brisk walking, dancing, regular exercising, aerobics, etc. Whenever a body performs any activity, metabolism naturally speeds up to burn the extra energy to fuel the body movements. Focus should be given on performing strength-training exercises like weight-lifting, etc.

Eat food earlier in the day

Eating food at short intervals and earlier in a day gives a real boost to the metabolism system. Try to include 5 small meals in a day as starving for a long time affects metabolism adversely. Consume the diet rich is proteins, calcium and carbohydrates. Don’t forget to eat a lot of green vegetables and seasonal fruits.

Include all kinds of fiber

Foods like pulses, oats, brown rice, peels of fruit, etc should be included in the diet in order to provide body all kinds of fiber. Fiber plays a significant role in pushing and maintaining metabolism level of the body.

Avoid taking Pills

Avoid taking all supplementsthat offer weight loss and fat-burning benefits as such pills adversely affect the functioning of metabolism system.

Keep the liver lively and clean

It is very important to keep liver clean and charged as bad liver will result in creating certain problems like low metabolism, low energy, rapid fat gain, etc. 

Keep Intestines in good working condition

Keeping intestines in well condition helps in significantly in maintaining healthy metabolism rate. Foods such as white flour, meat, poultry, etc should be curtailed as such sets of food make intestines acidic and directly affects the metabolism system of the body.

Other factors like age, genes, muscle-to-fat ratio, health and nutrition, etc play significant role in maintaining balanced metabolism.

Significance of Balanced Metabolism

Consuming more food and doing less physical exercises will result in maintaining adequate weight of the body due to balanced metabolism. So, lead a balanced and prosperous life by maintaining good, balanced and healthy metabolism of the body.


Metabolism performs a continuous process of the living body. Sound sleep, maintaining apt body’s weight, etc are few benefits obtained by healthy metabolism. Eating balanced diet at regular intervals, regular exercise, etc are few ways which aid inn increasing metabolism rate of the body.

Written by: Healthplus24 Team
Date Last updated: April 24, 2012

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