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7 Health Benefits of Drinking Water

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Water is the most important component of any living body. The human body consists of 55 to 78% water, depending on the body size. Thus, in order to maintain a healthy body, one should regularly consume water. According to doctors, one should drink about 8 to 10 glasses of water daily to maintain health.

Certainly, there are many strong reasons behind the doctors’ opinion about water being a solution to many health issues.  Not only is it the universal solvent, but water is also the elixir of our life. So, discover the benefits of drinking water from this article.

1.Keeps your body hydrated

Water is crucial for proper functioning of your body. If the amount of water lost from your body is the more than the water you consume, then you will be dehydrated.  Being insufficiently hydrated will lead to a general feeling of weakness, fatigue, exhaustion, tiredness, and rise in the temperature of your body. To avoid falling ill, you must keep drinking water throughout the day.

2.Water detoxifies your body

Why doctors and nutritionists are so much in favor of water therapy? The reason is simple- water eliminates metabolic wastes, toxins and free radicals, thereby purifying your system.  Start your day by drinking two glasses of water in empty stomach (immediately before or after brushing your teeth) to receive the benefits.

3.Water helps to maintain homeostasis

Homeostasis is the property of the cells to maintain a proper equilibrium and the process is carried out with the help of water. Biological functions of the human body like osmosis, diffusion and filtration of molecules across the cell membrane are mediated by water. When the cells and organs (like kidneys) of your body are working properly, then stability is maintained.

4.Water helps you to lose weight

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Water is like a magic potion for those striving hard to shed off those extra pounds. Water fuels your body to burn fat at a faster pace.  Metabolism of fats is slowed down when you deprive yourself of water.  It also helps to eliminate the by-products of fat and keeps you full for a longer time, thereby suppressing your appetite to a large extent. Your calorie intake is automatically reduced when you feel less hungry.

5.Water restores your youth and wards off pimples

Yes, we all have faced problems with our skin due to not drinking sufficient water. Lack of water in your system makes you look dull and lifeless. Your skin tends to dry out and sooner or later you will observe those fine lines of wrinkles. However, you can do away with all these problems simply by consuming 3-4 liters of water daily. Your skin will remain supple, elastic and moisturized permanently and pimples and acne would not dare to pop up.

6.Water  keeps body odor at the bay

There are moments when you get a whiff of yourself only with the repelling smell of your body odor. Check out if you are drinking enough water. If your answer is No, then no matter how strong your deodorant is, it cannot combat the bad smell of your body. The solution is to hydrate your system by drinking lots of water.  Body odorgets controlled to a large extent when the toxins inside your body are flushed out and along with that keep using your antiperspirant products.

7.Water helps to regularize bowels

Drinking water aids smooth movement and excretion of bowels. For proper bulk formation, a high fiber diet must be followed by adequate amounts of water. Those who have chronic constipation problem must have a few glasses of warm water, precisely, everyday to get relief.

I can go on about the benefits of water from improving blood circulation, halting premature aging, cleansing the digestion process, prevents cramps and pain during menstruation, and yes, helps you feel great and happy at all times. Thus, skip the soda and start drinking water, to gain maximum health benefits the cheaper way.

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: April 18, 2015

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