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Exercise and Weight Loss: A correlation too hard to ignore
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Not surprisingly, it really seems that looking fit and healthy is a mantra everyone is harping on these days. Doing everything possible to shed those extra pounds to desparately get into a pair of jeans or trousers which in the past had turned them into an instant centre of attraction. But then again, Snap!, here comes the reality. Since, getting rid of that extra bulge can be nothing less of a nightmare, if one is really not aware of all such exercises that might really come in handy towards losing weight.

Exercises to keep one lean and fit

Ask the professionals and they would come up with a whole list of exercises known to be effective in burning those extra pounds.

A list which tends to be better in terms of being looked at then being actually followed.

Thus, in realtime all the more making sense, if one on his own was to follow just some of the most basic yet really effective exercises. Starting with:


Yes, walking eventhough might sound as an innocous exercise but still in the long run, it is the most effective exercise for weight loss. A good way to burn around more than half of the body fat, walking as an exercise is readily recommended for anyone at anytime. Further, the exercise for sure is considered as one of the best ways to not only burn the stored fat in the body but also shed any extra calories.  

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Nothing beats a good session of aerobics at home or a gym. The exercise when compared to other routines is known to burn of those extra calories far more easily and in a short span of time. So, what are you waiting for just get into your track pants or shorts and start sweating out with a good old session of aerobics.


Just get your running shoes on and take a sprint, for eventhough you might not realise but running is infact one of the best ways to burn calories in a jiffy. And If fitness experts are to believed than running and covering a mile in 7 minutes would nearly burn about 10 calories
per minute.

Taking care of daily household chores

Dusting and mopping is a very good exercise to lose weight. Not only by doing such chores one tends to lose 2 to 3 calories per minute but at the same time accentuates his metabolism rate to a new level altogether.

Weight Training

Sweat it out in the gym or buy weights which might come in handy towards letting you indulge in some or the other sort of weight training. Compared to other exercises it will not only increase the metabolism rate but even allow one to burn calories more quickly. Moreover, weight training is also one of the best ways to not only strengthen muscles but at the same time increase the bone density.           


Weight Loss and exercise as terms are related to one another. Since, at the end of the day no matter what without exercise, weight loss would sound anything but more of a distant possibility. Thus, in one way or the other making the good old term “Sweating It Out” as one of universal mantras for weight loss.      


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Written by:Healthplus24 team
Date last updated: April 24, 2012

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