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Cabbage soup diet

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One of the most popular fad diet plans is the cabbage soup diet, which promises to trim your belly and cut those extra pounds in no time. Essentially, the primary menu for one whole week will be cabbage soup.


How to plan your cabbage soup diet?

The diet is planned for 7 days. In all these days, you need to survive on cabbage soup in an attempt to reduce your daily intake of calories. Apart from cabbage soup, you are “allowed” to serve yourself the following variety of foods:

Day 1: Eat all fruits except bananas. No vegetables and meat.

Day 2: No fruits but leafy green vegetables, not the starchy types

Day 3: You can eat as much fruits and vegetables you want. Anything you can choose today!

Day 4: Enjoy bananas and skimmed milk. You can sip a few glasses throughout the day

Day 5: To make the diet a bit interesting, have baked beef and skinless chicken in small amounts along with good amount of tomatoes

Day 6: Eat moderate quantity of low fat beef and any amount of vegetables, except potatoes

Day 7: Serve yourself some brown rice and preferably steamed or grilled vegetables and unsweetened fruit juices

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How to prepare the cabbage soup?

Remember it is intended for losing weight. So keep cream, cheese, and sauces aside. Pick the healthiest vegetables like carrot, celery, tomatoes, green peas, spring onions, ginger, and of course loads of shredded cabbage. Pour some olive oil in a container, sauté the vegetables add then a pinch of salt and your favourite herbs and spices. Add enough water to boil the vegetables. Allow the vegetables to cook in low flame for 15 minutes.

Your soup is ready. Sip it hot to enjoy the taste.


How does cabbage soup diet work?

The goal is basically to lower your calorie count by indulging in healthy foods and vegetables. While on any other day you may be eating 2000-2500 calories but during the one week phase of cabbage soup diet, the calorie count would be just 1000. And this is how it works. You eat less and you lose weight.

Some people have tasted dramatic results with cabbage soup diet; they take pride in losing 10 pounds in just 7 days.


What are the pros of cabbage soup diet?
  • It works wonders if you are looking forward to lose weight in a jiffy
  • It is healthy only when you combine the other variety of foods properly, i.e. as explained above
  • You can also resort to the cabbage soup diet plan to detoxify your body
  • You can use it as a start up diet to lose some pounds quickly and then gradually shift to a balanced diet


 What are the cons of cabbage soup diet?
  • Strictly not advised to people with gastrointestinal problems. Also restricted for those who often suffer from fainting, dizziness, etc.
  • It’s a crash diet, you will definitely put on weight once you are back to your normal meal schedule
  • Those who survive on cabbage soup diet for longer periods are most likely to be deprived from proper nutrition 

So, the bottom line is- talk to a nutritionist and consider your health before implementing a drastic change in your eating habits and calorie consumption.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: March 26, 2014

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