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Atkins diet

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Yet one more fad diet is the Atkins diet, formulated by Dr Robert Atkins. The diet gained popularity with the series of books- Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution and Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution, emphasizing on cutting back on carbohydrates.


How does Atkins diet work?

The diet is based on the principle that, “overweight people eat too much carbohydrates”. Dr Atkins assumed that lowering the consumption of carbohydrates can reduce weight. He further explains scientifically that our body first uses carbohydrates and then fats to produce energy. So when cabs are minimized your body burns the stored fats much more effectively. Atkins diet also stresses on eating more proteins. So when the fat reserves are utilized more, you automatically lose weight.

Furthermore, the duet is planned in such a way that you do not feel hungry all the time despite eating a low calorie menu. Dr Atkins adds on that the diet plan being low in carbohydrates and rich in proteins is good for your cardiovascular health.


Phases of Atkins Diet

Phase I- Induction phase

The first two weeks is the induction phase and is the most important. Here, you can eat only 20 grams net carbohydrates. To meet this demand, you can eat 12-15 grams of broccoli, green beans, asparagus, and courgettes. High protein foods like lean meat, fishes, eggs, milk, cheese, etc. are allowed. You also need to strictly say no to sugar or sugar loaded foods like cookies, chocolates, etc., white rice or white flour products, bread, grains, pastas and fruits.

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Phase II- Balancing phase

It’s the ongoing weight loss phase and you need to stick to the same amount of carbohydrates as in the previous phase. However, you can add on to the nutritional value by eating a few berries, almonds and flaxseeds in a day. You should aim to lose at least 10 pounds starting from the beginning of phase I till the end of phase II.

Phase III – Pre maintenance phase

If you need to lose some more pounds, then you have to achieve in this phase. If you have already achieved you gaol, then you cam slightly increase your intake of carbohydrates, i.e. around 10 g/week. This should come from starchy vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. whole grains and fruits.

Phase IV – Maintenance phase

Congratulations! You have successfully shed those extra pounds and you are now in the maintenance phase. Remember, maintaining your healthy weight is the most difficult part. Therefore, Dr Atkins has designed a special Atkins diet plan that you need to follow henceforth.

We present you below:

Breakfast menu: You can eat scrambled, boiled or omelette eggs, oatmeal, a glass of milk or decaf coffee, black tea or herbal tea. Garnishing with cheese and olive oil is permitted

Lunch menu- Baked turkey, bacon, chicken salad, green salad, tomatoes or soups, chickpeas, legumes, carrot, lentils, small serving of brown rice

Dinner menu- Salad greens, baked fish like salmon, tuna, etc., soup of pulses. You can add butter and cream to add a delightful taste.

Snacks: You can have small servings of fruits like berries, oranges, apples, watermelon, cherries or nuts and seeds.


Pros and Cons of Atkins diet

  • You enjoy eating your favourite food items like bacon, chicken, ham, beef along with butter and cheese
  • Certainly you lose weight once you follow the diet plan properly
  • High amount of fats can increase bad cholesterol in your body which is not recommended by doctors
  • Most people fail to live up to the maintenance phase, resulting in weight gain 

Consult your doctor before following Atkins diet

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: July 07, 2014

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