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Benefits of Raw Food

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Raw food diet is a diet which is not processed or cooked from vegetarian sources, like fresh fruits, vegetables and sprouts.

Nature is a very efficient and effective resource provider. According to the seasonal changes, it provides us with fruits and vegetables most suited for that climate. While in summer, we get fruits and vegetables which have high water content, such as watermelon and cucumber, in winters, there are dry fruits and dates. These seasonal foods are rich in nutritive value.

Although nature has provided such a perfect system for us, we tend to experiment with things, which are often unnatural. It goes without saying that this would result in adverse effects. We discard the peel and seeds of most fruits and vegetables, which are actually rich in nutrition.

When we heat food beyond 116 degrees F, the enzymes in food that assist in the digestion and absorption of food are destroyed. Not just that, cooking also diminishes the nutritional value of food. It is said that typically, a minimum of 75% of the diet must be raw food.

Eating raw foods has multiple benefits at multiple levels.

  • It keeps us healthy and energetic
  • It improves our looks, by improving skin appearance and by helping in weight loss
  • It reduces the risk of diseases like heart ailments, diabetes and cancer.
  • And for those who feel lazy, they don’t have to cook!

Now that we know the benefits of eating raw foods, some of the raw foods, which would provide you with adequate nutrition are mentioned below, so that you can start off on a raw-food diet immediately!

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  • fresh and dried fruits
  • vegetables
  • sprouts
  • seeds
  • legumes
  • grains
  • legumes
  • seaweed
  • unprocessed organic or natural foods
  • fresh fruit and vegetable juices
  • coconut water
  • and off course, water!

So, go raw, get healthy and good-looking naturally!

Written by: healthplus24.com team

Date last updated: March 06, 2015

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