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Xerostomia, commonly called ’‘dry mouth’ is a condition characterized by decrease in the amount of saliva produced which leaves the mouth dry.

It may occur with the use of medications, as a complication of certain diseases, with radiation therapy to the head and neck, or with a number of other conditions.

Complications of xerostomia include dental caries, candidiasis or difficulty with the use of dentures. The common complaints include dry mouth, oral burning or soreness or a sensation of a loss of or altered taste.

A dentist should be consulted for diagnosing the exact reason for xerostomia.

Treatment of xerostomia

Any underlying cause needs to be treated appropriately. A number of over-the-counter products that can function as saliva substitutes available in a variety of formulations including rinses, aerosols, chewing gum and dentifrices are generally advised for patients with xerostomia.1

Written by: Healthplus24 team
Date last updated: March 26,2012

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