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Nutrition for healthy teeth

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There’s an old saying that “until you lose your teeth you do not realize their importance”. Oral hygiene is mandatory for your teeth. But the lesser known side is - nutrition, which is equally important for having healthy teeth.


Importance of nutrition to teeth

Eating foods that are useful for your teeth has the following benefits: 

  • For maintenance of tooth structure and proper development of connective tissues
  • To enhance formation of the strong mineral by promoting the mineralization process.
  • To protect teeth and gum from disease and decay by boosting your immunity 

To receive all the aforementioned benefits on your teeth you need to consume foods rich in protein, calcium, iron, folates, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

Let’s explore the nutritional guide for healthy teeth in the next content


Calcium and phosphorous rich foods

The most essential compounds required for strong teeth are calcium and phosphorous because they boost re-mineralization of teeth. Noting this point, you need to consume adequate amount of dairy products that include milk, cheese, butter and yogurt. Chicken, salmon and nuts are also rich in calcium and phosphorous and they are quintessentially required for healthy teeth.

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Eat fruits high in water content

Foods having huge amount of water in them act like natural rinsers for your teeth and gum. Therefore, snack in watermelons, melons, tomatoes, pears, lettuce and cucumbers after your meals or after eating carbohydrate rich foods like cookies, cakes, chocolates, etc. Your teeth get cleaned naturally.


Nourish your teeth with guava and its extracts

Be it the bark, the young leaves or a bit of raw guava, this fruit is immensely useful for your teeth and gum. If you sense weakness in your teeth or sense pain in your gum while biting food then chew 2-3 young guava leaves twice a day. Extracts of bark and leaves are available exclusively for enhancing health of teeth. You can also crush the pulp and use it as toothpaste. Get the benefits of nutritional content (contains folates, iron, vitamin A and C) in guava by eating them on regular basis. Risks of gingivitis, tooth decay, cavity, bleeding gums, etc. are reduced significantly.


Vitamin C protects your teeth from infection

Foods rich in vitamin C are vital for protecting you against a wide range of tooth and gum infections. It also enhances formation of collages fibers. However, if you are consuming citrus foods to suffice for the requirement of vitamin C then make sure you eat them along with your meal. To name a few vitamin C rich foods good for your teeth are spinach, bell peppers, carrots, broccoli, kale, oranges, lime and berries.


Nutrition from zinc for healthy teeth

Zinc is a trace element which is assists a number of processes taking place in your body. One of the vital functions of zinc is to boost formation of teeth and protect tooth and gum from infections. Zinc rich foods essential for maintaining healthy structure of teeth and gum are mushrooms, fishes, lentils, beans and tomatoes.


Foods containing plant oils and natural antioxidants

Plant oils and antioxidants naturally occur in many edible herbs and spices and are excellent for your teeth and gum. For example: cloves, cardamom, celery, coriander, peppermint or mint, bay leaves, etc. protect your teeth against infections, reduce pain, swelling and inflammation, remove stains and needless to say purifies your breath. So, chew them once or twice in a day!

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: October 14, 2014

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