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Cosmetic Dentistry

When we hear the word ‘dentist’ the first thing that comes to mind is a painful tooth extraction procedure. But, there are many people around the world, who visit a dentist with a simple smile and come back with a better, dazzling smile.

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These dentists who work magic on a person’s smile work in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry wherein the appearance of the teeth is managed. It is just like cosmetic surgery, where people can alter their looks and appear more beautiful. Those with misaligned, discolored or missing teeth, etc. can alter the appearance of their teeth with the help of cosmetic dentistry.

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Cosmetic dentistry consist of many procedures that helps correct the way one smiles. These procedures also help one improve their speech, chewing or biting ability, etc. Let us have a quick look at these procedures.

What Procedures are Included in Cosmetic Dentistry?

Those who want to alter their dental alignment to improve their overall look should try cosmetic dental surgery. These procedures also help in improving the health of the patient as well as it helps them eat well after correction of misaligned teeth as well as arranging the structure of the jaw.

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These procedures include the following:


Commonly called as caps, they help in restoring the shape of teeth. They bond with the tooth applied on and form a new surface. This procedure is used in cases of accidental breakage or decayed teeth.


Many people suffer from gaps between the teeth. Such gaps are filled with a tooth-colored filling. Chipped, decayed or stained teeth are also treated using these tooth-colored resin fillings. These fillings help change the color as well as shape of the affected tooth.

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One of the most common procedures of cosmetic dentistry is bleaching. People suffering from discolored, stained or yellow teeth can go in for bleaching that helps in whiten teeth within 45 minutes to an hour.


Those who suffer from discolored, unevenly spaced, chipped teeth are advised use of veneers. It is made up of very thin porcelain or plastic pieces. These pieces are cemented directly over the affected teeth. These veneers are custom-made and are known for their durability and stability as compared to the other procedures.

Gum Lift

Those with an uneven gum line, or a lot of gums showing when one talks or smiles can go in for gum lift. This procedure helps in shaping the tissues and the bones of the jaw. Thus, helping in improving the smile by sculpting a gum line with an aesthetic appeal.

Cosmetic Braces

People with overlapping, crowded, widely spaced teeth are advised orthodontic braces. However, if you do not want to spend ages moving around with braces, you can opt for cosmetic braces that give you the expected results in just 6 months. You can opt for clear or invisible braces that are hardly seen. These braces will be expensive as compared to the traditional wire and bracket braces. However, the cosmetic braces can be removed when one brushes or eats, unlike the traditional ones.


Dentures are false teeth that are made when one loses their natural teeth or tooth. This can happen due to decay, accidental loss or gum diseases. There are different types of dentures suggested to patients with different tooth problems. These include:

Full Dentures

When most or all teeth are missing. They are commonly advised to elderly patients.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are for people who have lost a single or couple of teeth.

Immediate Dentures

In case a patient has to undergo tooth extraction due to damage or accidental injury, they are advised immediate dentures. These dentures help heal the gums and surrounding tissues. These dentures are mostly for a temporary period, but depend on individual cases.

Cosmetic Dental Implants

These are devices that help keep dentures in place. They are mostly made of titanium and placed into or over the bone to help keep the denture in place.

It is very useful for people who:

  • Have one a couple of missing tooth.
  • Have weak gums
  • Rotted or decayed teeth that cannot be restored
  • Fractured tooth
  • Weak teeth

Dental implants


Metal fillings like silver alloys were common in cases where cavities need to be filled. However, today many dentists suggest white fillings made of resin and porcelain. This is very useful in restoring the teeth without appearing out-of-place. Thus, appearing like natural teeth and bond successfully with the tooth dentin. Dental fillings

Apart from these procedures, cosmetic dentistry also includes use of cosmetic dentures, orthodontic braces, invisalign, cosmetic bridge, fillings and implants.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry for Me?

Cosmetic dentistry is mostly advised to children with misaligned teeth, jaws as well as other dental problems. Elders too who have a tooth missing, chipped, cracked, stained can try these procedures. If you have widely spaced teeth, buck tooth, overlapping teeth, etc. that interferes with your appearance, speech as well as chewing and biting then cosmetic dental surgery is for you. Speak to your dentist about the procedures that suit you needs as well as budget. One simple procedure will help you change the way you look. Cosmetic dentistry will improve your self-confidence and dazzle the world with your stunning smile.

Written by: healthplus24.com team

Date last updated: January 05, 2015

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