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Foods that cause bad breath

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You smell your breath and it stinks bad! The air that you exhale if smells foul could be a result of the foods you are eating. So give yourself a check!

We have listed down the foods that contribute to bad breath over here:


Watch out what you drink

If you are an alcoholic or gulping down the pegs a way to often then your breath will stink. Beer, wine, vodka, rum, etc. contaminate your breath and trigger bacterial activity inside your mouth.

The next culprits are caffeinated beverages and cola drinks. Your mouth will start stinking immediately if you do not rinse after drinking coffee or tea. So be careful next time!


Animal sources of proteins

Your mouth is the dwelling place of sulfur emitting bacteria and they use protein as the substrate for their activity. Foul gases are generated as a result which are responsible for the persisting bad smell in your mouth. Such foods include chicken, beef, mutton and a wide range of fishes particularly the sea varieties hilsa, crab, pomfret, squids, prawns, shrimps, etc. which already have a natural strong smell. 


Onion and Garlic make your breath pungent

The most common ingredients that contribute to foul smelling breath are onions and garlic. Chew a slice or raw onion or garlic clove your mouth starts instantly. Furthermore, when you prepare curries or savories with onions they get absorbed in your bloodstream and induce foul smell in the air you exhale due to their natural pungent odor.

Thus, eating too much onions, garlic and rich spices can be a significant reason behind halitosis. Apart from this, they also trigger digestion problem and initiate foul belching

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Eating too much of dairy

Eating too much dairy products cheese and milk also give rise to bad breath in the long run. On the top if you do not wash your mouth after drinking milk or milk based products or fast foods loaded with cheese then your mouth would stink really bad. This is because dairy promotes bacterial activity inside the mouth which is responsible for the foul smell.


Sweet tooth is your mouths enemy

If you have an utterly greedy sweet tooth then try knock it down!  The reason is simple- the more you gorge on sweet dishes, chocolates and sugar loaded snacks, the worse your mouth will smell! Furthermore, we all know that eating too much sugar is bad for your oral health. Infection in teeth and gums are add on to foul breath.

In this context, even sugar containing mouth fresheners and candies are bad for your mouth. This is you should opt for sugar free mint gums and breath purifiers.


Sauces that cause bad breath

Be careful with the sauce that you are blending with your meals for there’re some that would make your breath stink crazy. Horse radish sauce, shrimp sauce, garlic sauce, hot pepper sauce, soya sauce, etc. render foul smell to your mouth because they are loaded with a wide range of ingredients, salts, taste enhancers and preservatives.

Thus, if you have halitosis problem then we suggest you to stay off these foods as much as possible and take proper care of your oral health. Keep mouthwashes and sugar free breath fresheners in handy to deal with the problem.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: September 28, 2014

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