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Back pain and yoga   

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Sitting constantly on the chair before your computer, lying on your bed in a bad posture while sleeping and bending your back for a long time while doing household chores are the most common reasons responsible for back pain. All these activities affect your spine and back muscles and ligaments in negative way. Therefore, it’s is necessary to incorporate yoga in your daily life to do away with back pain.


So how does yoga help to relieve back pain?

The techniques have been tried and tested. The benefits of yoga on back pain are: 

  • It relaxes the muscles of your lower and upper back
  • It relaxes your spine and makes it strong and flexible
  • Enhances mobility of back muscles, along with hamstrings and hips
  • Improves the posture of your back


How to start yoga for back pain?

When you are performing yoga for a therapeutic purpose then it’s advisable to learn the postures correctly from a certified trainer. This is because, there are specific breathing mechanisms involved while performing the exercises, which you need to perform correctly.

The postures will be directed towards improving the pain and fortifying your back in the best possible manner.

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5 Yoga Poses for alleviating back pain

Before you start exercising, sit down on the floor with your back straight, precisely in padmasana. Inhale and exhale deeply for 2-3 minutes.

The postures that you need to perform everyday are:

1. Reclining twist

You have to lie down flat on your yoga mat. Spread your hands like wings on both sides, resting your palm on the floor. Now twist your body towards the left with your knees folded on the same side while breathing in deeply. Hold on for two seconds and release your breath while changing the side. Perform the same twist on the right hand side. Keep your hands pressed on the ground while twisting your body

2. Cat and camel pose

This exercise is a must for back pain. Here you need to emulate your body like a cat and camel. This is how you do it...Get on your feet. Fold your legs at your knees on the floor and rest your palms in the front, to look like a cat. Make your spine straight. Now, arch your back and look up. This is the cat pose. Hold on for 3-4 seconds. Then round out your upper back (like a hump) and look down to your navel- it’s the camel pose. Hold on again for 3-4 seconds.

3. Cobra pose

Lie down on your stomach on the floor. Now press your palms on the floor beneath your shoulder while looking straight ahead. Take a deep breath and raise your upper body, i.e. the spine off the floor by gaining support from your hands pressed aside on the ground. Make sure your arms not folded at elbows and your legs are straight. Release your body and breathe out.

4. Child Pose

Relax and sit easily on the floor with your legs folded. If you do not have knee problem then you can sit on your legs with your knees folded in the front. Now breathe in and stretch your hands in the front while bending your body completely forward, until your head touches the floor. Keep releasing your breath when your back is stretched completely

5. Bridge Pose

Lie on your back on the floor. Rest your palms and feet flat on the floor. Now make your body look like a bridge by raising your torso and your hips off the ground. Gain strength by thrusting your palms and feet on the ground. To support your neck and head, you can press your chin gently forward and make sure your neck is flexible. Breathe in as you raise your hips towards the ceiling. Hold on for 5 seconds and then slowly bring your body down by exhaling.

Perform these 5 exercises, each 5 sets daily to get over back pain. Along with those combine a few simple neck exercises to receive best results.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: April 06, 2014

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