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Yoga history, benefits, precautions and suryanamaskara

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Overview of Yoga

Overview of yoga

Every human being, young and old alike, longs for a healthy living and longevity as a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. The physical body perishes within a short period, whereas the mind and intellect is not so easily perishable.


Yoga History and Evolution

Yoga history and evalution

The history of yoga can be traced back into five main periods namely the Vedic Period, Pre-classical period, Classical period, Post-classical period, and Modern period.   

Ashtanga Yoga: The Eight Steps Towards Better Life 

Ashtanga yoga

Patanjali Maharshi, whose Yoga Sutras date back to more than 2000 years, has shown to humanity that through the practice of yoga, a human being can gain mastery over his body, mind and intellect, which would further lay down the path to spiritual evolution. 

The philosophy of yoga was first enunciated by the father of Yoga, Patanjali Maharshi, in his masterpiece called Yoga Sutras containing 186 aphorisms or sutras, more than 2000 years ago.2,3 According to him, ‘Yogah Chittavritti Nirodhaha’ meaning,

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Yoga Therapy vs. Allopathic Medicine

Yoga therapy vs allopathic medicine

In the allopathic system of medicine, the medical doctor examines and diagnoses a particular problem/ailment and prescribes suitable medicines, and the patient’s role is almost nil, as the task of curing the particular ailment is done by the medicine,

Therapeutic Yogasanas

Therapeutic yogasanas

The ancient rishis recognized long ago that in order to attain the highest stage of yoga for self-realization, a healthy physical body is essential; otherwise, with a sick body, it will not be possible to contemplate the larger reality or to muster the energy for 

Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of Yoga

As discussed, yoga has profound benefits on our body and mind. Several studies have been conducted in various normal and patient populations to study the effects of yoga. This article attempts to enumerate a few of these studies, especially those conducted on 

Classification of Yogasanas

For purposes of convenience, the asanas can be classified into the following five categories:

  • Asanas attained from standing position
  • Asanas attained from sitting position
  • Asanas attained from supine position
  • Asanas attained from prone position
  • Asanas to be done at the end

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Precautions to be Taken while Practicing Yoga

Precautions to be taken while practicing Yoga


Myths and Realities about Yoga

Myths and Realities about Yoga

It is a common knowledge that during the last 4050 years, Yoga has become a widespread practice throughout the world. Patanjali Maharshi’s Asthanga Yoga clearly indicates that Yoga has a holistic approach towards human’s life and attainment 


Suryanamaskara (Sarvanga Sundarasana)

Suryanamaskara asanas and benefits

Suryanamaskara, also called Sarvanga Sundarasana, is basically a physical yogic exercise comprising a cycle of 12 asanas for achieving bodily flexibility. In other words, it is a combination of yogasanas and pranayama. Suryanamaskara means offering salutations to the Sun God.

Health benefits of surya namaskar

Conclusion about yoga

Conclusion about Yoga

Yoga is a very vast subject like the depth of an ocean and the endless expanse of the sky. Also, yogasanas and pranayama are a huge treasure of knowledge and information handed over to us by Patanjali Maharshi through his Yoga Sutras and   

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