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Natural wonder yogurt

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Yogurt is not only a delicacy, but an immensely useful food for your health. You can prepare yogurt at home simply with milk that has been previously cultured with live microorganism.

Let’s explore the natural wonders of yogurt in this article...


An excellent probiotic

Yogurt is a wonderful source of probiotics –they are those bacteria that maintain the health of your gut. Look for products that contain live probiotics. Eating yogurt daily eliminates the need to take external probiotics.

When microbial balance is restored in your body, your digestion and immunity gets fortified. You are less prone to having infections, cold, flu and cough.


Yogurt is a storehouse of calcium and protein

A cup of non fat Greek yogurt contains 17 grams of protein and lots of calcium. Both these ingredients are needed for proper growth and generation of muscles, tissues and bones.

Those who eat yogurt daily are less prone to having tooth decay and bone diseases. Lactic acid present in yogurt also improves calcium absorbing ability of your body. Women must have yogurt regularly to eliminate risks of osteoporosis.

...And yogurt being so tasty, you can treat yourself with a plate of cold yogurt tossed with assorted fruits.


Yogurt is useful for lactose tolerant individuals

Yogurt contains lactic acid and it helps in digestion of lactose. People who face problems in digesting milk products can have yogurt after consuming dairy to improve their ability to digest lactose.

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Promotes health of colon

Yogurt is one of those foods that help to detoxify your colon. The good bacteria present in yogurt not only protect your colon from infections but also eradicate free radicals and toxins that can potentially cause cancer in the long run.

In this regard, you can also have yogurt to get some relief from constipation.


Yogurt keeps your body cool

Yogurt is especially recommended for people dwelling in tropical countries and those who face the heat of the sun regularly. “Lassi” is the local drink in India, prepared by stirring cold yogurt vigorously, is served as a refreshment drink. It’s appears just like milk shake but with many more benefits. It keeps your body cool and protects you from heat stroke.


Yogurt for skin and hair

Apart from eating yogurt, you can also apply it on your face to have a flawless skin devoid of blemishes and marks. It moisturises and hydrates your skin. Scrubbing with yogurt also helps you to get rid of tan and acne.

You can also use yogurt as a mask for your hair. It renders shine and volume to your hair. Yogurt is also popular as hydrating protein mask for hair.


Yogurt helps you to lose weight

Yogurt is one of the tastiest foods on which you can rely upon if you are trying to lose weight. But make sure to opt for low fat or fat free sour variety. You can snack on yogurt whenever you wish to.

Apart from all these natural wonders, sour yogurt is also a healthy food option for diabetes and heart patients.

So what are you waiting for? Make it at home and serve yourself tasty and delicious yogurt.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: March 09, 2014

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