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Natural wonder – wheatgrass

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Wheatgrass is the young grass of wheat plant. When wheat seeds are grown, the green leaves appear first which are harvested as wheatgrass. Being enriched with plant enzymes and chlorophyll, it’s mostly used as herbal medicine. Apart from these, presence of fibres, amino acids, minerals and vitamins make wheatgrass a wonderful natural supplement.

Let’s find out how wheatgrass blesses us with its natural wonders...

Detoxifies the body

Wheatgrass is well known for its body cleansing properties. Presence of chlorophyll has been linked with detoxifying properties of wheat grass. It can eliminate toxic substances (like free radicals and heavy metals) from system, thereby enhancing the function of vital organs like liver, kidneys, intestine, etc.

Builds immunity

It’s again due to the presence of chlorophyll that wheat grass makes your body immune to a wide range of health disorders. It can also combat microbial infections. This is the reason why wheatgrass is one of the vital components of herbal medicines.

Cell growth and regeneration

Wheatgrass is loaded with 19 different types of amino acids, essential for growth, repair and regeneration of cells and tissues. It’s an external amino acid supplement for promoting growth of hair, skin, and muscles. People who are into extensive exercises can suffice their amino acid requirement with wheatgrass.

Antiseptic properties

The antiseptic action of wheatgrass has been explored in treating skin disorders. Application of wheatgrass paste over wound and cut enhances healing because of its antibacterial properties. It’s also an excellent remedy for mouth ulcers and sores.

Protects against cancer

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The phytoenzymes, chlorophyll and antioxidants are potent inhibitors of tumours and cancerous cell growth. Consumption of wheatgrass can also treat breast and colon cancer up to a certain stage. The anti carcinogenic property is also promised by B group of vitamins.

Ph and nutrient balance of body

The juice of wheatgrass being alkaline in nature can balance acidity inside body. Our body’s pH needs to be adjusted correctly for proper functioning of all the organs. Wheatgrass is also consumed to maintain nutrient balance inside the body.

Vitamin A and C

One of the richest sources of vitamin A and vitamin C is wheatgrass. While vitamin C fights off infections and improves oral health, vitamin A ensures health of eyes and improves vision.

Holistic health

Wheatgrass is suggested to maintain blood sugar and blood pressur

e. The fresh juice has the ability to induce sleep and relieve you from stress and anxiety. Wheat grass restores fertility and slows down aging process.

Have a glimpse at some quick facts about wheatgrass

  • Improves function of the heart, lungs and the reproductive organs  
  • Minerals like calcium, magnesium and phosphorous increase bone density
  • It’s used in the treatment of arthritis, muscle cramps and joint pain
  • The fibre content can help get rid of constipation problems
  • It can stop hair loss and greying of hair
  • Wheatgrass acts disinfectant for lymph and blood
  • It’s an excellent health drink for anaemic people as it can multiply RBC count to a large extent.
  • Wheatgrass is also used for correcting thyroid gland disorders

Wheatgrass is available in variety of forms which ranges from juice, pills to powders. However, the kind of supplement you are taking depends on the health condition you want to treat. To be on the safe side, check with your doctor before having it.

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: January 27, 2015

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