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Natural wonder turmeric

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Turmeric, be its juice, paste or powder, we cannot ignore this wonder herb at any cost. Right from occupying a position in the kitchen to your beauty kit to your medicine box, turmeric is being used daily in some form of other. Definitely turmeric has some exceptional qualities that make it one of the most sought after herbs. We decipher the reasons below...

What is the secret composition of turmeric that makes it one of the best herbs?

All the natural wonders of turmeric account to its antimicrobial, anti cancer and antioxidant properties. The phytochemical – cucurmin is an active agent. Enriched with dietary fibre, vitamin C,E,K and natural minerals sodium, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc, turmeric stand out to be a wonderful health herb.

What are the natural wonders of turmeric?

1.Promising Health Benefits

Health benefits of turmeric are found in every sphere. Let’s look at what changes a pinch of turmeric can bring in your health.

  • Turmeric fights against a wide range of cancers and tumours. Curcumin (anti-carcinomic) prevents radiation induced cancer and other strains like breastpancreas, colon and leukaemia. It also halts progression of tumours.
  • Turmeric kicks off free radicals from the body and protects bones from inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. The storehouse of minerals makes bones strong and improves bone density
  • Did you know turmeric is so heart friendly? If your cholesterol level has spiked up, then start having turmeric every day for this wonder herb can easily bring down serum cholesterol levels.
  • Turmeric detoxifies the blood by enhancing production of enzymes in the liver that play an active role in eliminating toxins from the body
  • Diabetics must consume raw turmeric every day. It’s capable of exercising a better control over blood glucose levels by enhancing body’s natural ability to secrete insulin.
  • Turmeric boosts your immunity because it contains the immune stimulating compound- lipopolysaccharide. Apart from this it’s a natural antimicrobial herb, which can help your body fight infections like cold, flu, cough, fever, etc.
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  • If you’ve wounded your skin, then don’t forget to apply turmeric paste. Being an antiseptic it protects your open wound from fungal and bacterial infections and accelerates healing.
  • Turmeric has excellent digestive properties. If you are having gastrointestinal problems or bowel disorders then start having turmeric with your meals
  • This herb boosts supply of oxygen to the brain and slows progression of Alzheimer’s disease by breaking down the amyloid plaques of the brain.

2.An Excellent Culinary Ingredient

This “queen of spices” is an active culinary ingredient of Asian dishes. Let’s see why so...

  • Adding turmeric while cooking food is not only a ritual that is followed for gaining the health benefits but also for the purpose of rendering wonderful colour, flavour and aroma to the food.
  • Turmeric reduces the levels of heterocyclic amines, which are carcinogenic compounds formed out of cooking some varieties of foods like barbecued meat.

3.A natural beauty product

The age old skin benefits of turmeric have been explored in numerous cosmetic products.

  • Applying the paste of raw turmeric improves the texture of the skin and eradicates inflammation and rashes.
  • You can apply a pack of pure turmeric blended with sandalwood.  The anti-oxidants fight skin problems and considerably reduce acne and pimples.
  • In Ayurveda, turmeric is used as an important medicine for healing various dermatological problems like psoriasis.  

So what next? Chew a slice of raw turmeric and keep adding a pinch of pure turmeric powder while cooking every day to receive all the benefits

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: January 17, 2015

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