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Natural wonder: Sprouts

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“Sprouts” is a healthy bowl assorted with beans, lentils, legumes, grains, and seeds. You wash them and soak overnight in water. Next day, the seeds become soft; you drain the water and wrap them in a cotton cloth, overnight again. They germinate the following day with sprouts springing out. This transforms them to the healthiest variety of foods.

Discover the health benefits of eating sprouts here.


Catalysts for vital body functions

Nutritionists claim that sprouts contain larger amounts of natural enzymes than fresh fruits and vegetables which is why they support your body’s metabolic machinery better than any other foods. The enzymes improve digestion and metabolism. Thus, you keep going steadily!


Storehouse of protein

While non vegetarians have variety of choices for protein rich foods, it’s limited for vegetarians. Therefore, a bowl of sprouts is the most preferred option for them. Essentially you can mix soya bean, alfa alfa seeds, moong, black eyed beans and gram to suffice your daily requirement of protein. 


Wonderful source of fibres

Are you suffering from bowel problems like constipation and straining? Start having sprouts on regular basis to experience the difference. They are high in fibres and therefore act like bulk formers. They are easy to digest and you don’t have to bother about digestion problems.

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Improves many adverse health conditions

Sprouts are advised to people with cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. The function of every sprout is different and therefore your doctor or nutritionist will choose the varieties suitable for you. For example sprouted buckwheat lowers blood pressure while sprouted brown rice is suggested to improve diabetes, liver diseases and heart problems. 


Powerhouse of nutrition

You will receive holistic nourishment when you eat sprouts every day. Most seeds, legumes, grains, lentils, etc. are enriched with vitamins and minerals that are needed for proper manifestation of our mind and body. You receive vitamin A, C and K, iron, folate, calcium, manganese, potassium and many more essential compounds which someway or other help you.


Sprouts have antioxidant properties, help in cell regeneration

Sprouts are undoubtedly excellent antioxidants. They detoxify your body by warding off free radicals and potentially damaging toxins. Sprouts are raw and living as they take up oxygen to germinate. Consuming active oxygen laden foods can eradicate harmful bacteria and virus from your body. This is why those who eat sprouts daily are less likely to suffer from infections and cancer.

Worth to note, sprouts like alfa alfa seeds are rich sources of amino acids which help in synthesis of DNA, cell repair and regeneration.


Excellent weight loss food

So your gym instructor or yoga trainer has advised you to eat a bowl of sprouts daily, isn’t it? Why so? It’s because sprouts contain zero calories, yet boost your energy levels. Furthermore, you take some good amount of time to chew them as they are fibrous. This brings about a filling effect which lasts long indeed!


How to prepare a delicious bowl of sprouts?

Choose from your favourite sprouts and indeed the healthiest ones. Rinse them with water before eating. Sprinkle salt, pepper and chilli powder as per your preference. Chop onions, tomatoes and cucumber and mix with the sprouts. Garnish with lemon juice. Your snack is now ready.

Enjoy eating healthy and yummy sprouts!

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: April 12, 2014

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