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Health benefits of soybean

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Soybean, as they say is the “meat” for vegetarian. The dried and packed soybeans are soft and smooth mimicking the texture of boneless chicken. The raw beans are soaked and cooked as various savory items. Leaving apart the culinary delight, soybeans are immensely nutritious and they can fulfill your daily requirement of protein even if you are not consuming animal sources.

We shall list down the health benefits of soybean in the upcoming content:


Soy protein is excellent for your body

Be it miso, tempeh, tofu, soy chunks or granules you can eat anything to suffice your daily dose of protein. 100 grams of soybeans contain 17 gram of protein, which is important for synthesis of amino acids in your body.

Eating soybeans helps in proper development of your body, enhances the repair and regeneration mechanism of the body, promotes keranitization of hair and nails, and makes you immune to diseases caused by deficiency of protein in your body.

A word of advice to all body builders and athletes, have soybeans to boost your muscle mass and get best results out of your exercise.


Soybean for your cardiovascular health

Soybean contains 19% fat but the good thing – this is unsaturated fat which is the reason for being heart-smart food. Doctors believe that if you replace whole or full cream dairy products with soy butter, tofu, soy milk then your bad cholesterol will be effectively managed and saturated fats percentage in your body would also be reduced. The cholesterol lowering effect is also promoted by the naturally occurring compound phytosterol in soybeans.

Furthermore, soybeans are rich in potassium, molybdenum and copper which essentially preserve the health of your heart by regulating blood pressure and heartbeat.

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Eat soybean for strong and healthy bones

Soybean is a rich source of vitamin K which is the key component that promotes density of your bones. We particularly insist women to consider having cooked soybeans if your bones are weak and you are at risk of having osteoporosis. Soybeans also contain significant amounts of calcium and phosphorous – the minerals known for making your bones strong and healthy.


Soybeans lower risk of breast cancer

Several studies have been documented where it has been proven that eating soybean on regular basis reduces risk of breast cancer. Soybeans contain phytoestrogens (isoflavones) which help to balance estrogen and progesterone levels. High levels of estrogens can make you vulnerable to endometriosis; increase your PMS symptoms and risk of breast cancer.


Boosts your iron levels

100 grams of soybeans contain approximately 87% of iron. So you can well reckon how significant it is for you if your iron levels drop. Have half cup of cooked soybeans daily to boost iron in your body. This will help to overcome anemia symptoms like weakness, fatigue, lack of appetite, dizziness, etc.


Preserve health of your colon

Soybeans are excellent sources of fibers. The soft beans take good care of your intestine and colon. The natural fibers regulate your bowels and lowers risk of inflammatory colon disease and colon cancer as well.

The texture of soybeans is smooth which makes it ideal as a diverticulitis food.

Note: It’s important to note eating raw sprouted beans are certainly not recommended. Therefore, cook soybeans properly or consume the fermented products.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: September 28, 2014

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