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Natural Wonder Salmon

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Salmon, another natural wonder loaded with omega-3-fatty acids. We cannot miss on salmon if you are specially surviving on a diet rich in proteins and healthy fats. Essentially, salmon will also suffice your vitamin and mineral requirements.

Let’s check out why salmon is a natural wonder.

For the Heart

Salmon gives you natural protection against heart attack and strokes. The two omega 3 fatty acids, namely EPA and DHA lower bad cholesterol levels and brings down high blood pressure.

It considerably improves flexibility of muscles, prevents arterial hardening and repairs cardiovascular tissues. Have salmon if you have weak cardiovascular health or if want to improve your heart health.

For the Brain

Omega-3-fatty acids are anti-inflammatory agents that protect the brain against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Salmons are excellent sources of selenium, vitamin A, vitamin D, folic acid and amino acids which are needed for enhancing cognitive abilities and for protecting nerve damage of the brain.

Apart from these, this oily fish effectively increases IQ, decreases depression and reduces chances of cognitive decline in old people.

Salmon is a wonderful source of tryptophan, a hormone that induces sleep.  It helps to solve sleep disturbances and insomnia.

For Bones and Muscles

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The amino acids in salmon contain a special protein called bioactive peptide. This protein regulates synthesis of collagen, thereby aiding recovery from cartilage degeneration. Omega-3-fatty acid protects bones, joints and muscles from inflammation and it strengthens the muscles.

Selenium and vitamin D also contribute to provide protection against joint inflammation.

Therefore, eat salmon to heal yourself from osteoarthritis.

For the Eyes

Salmon, being an oily fish is quintessential for your eye health. The omega-3-fatty acids lubricate your eyes, thereby saving them from chronic dry eye syndrome and macular degeneration. Eat salmon twice a week to derive these benefits and to sharpen your eye sight.

For Weight Loss

Salmon must be present in your weight loss diet. It gives you complete nutrition while keeping calories at the bay. You don’t put on weight after eating salmon, instead your body is sufficed with proteins (4 ounce serving of salmon contains 30 grams of protein), healthy fats and vitamins. Grill, bake or boil the fish and have it every day.

For the Skin and Hair

Want to retain your youth forever? The answer is here- Salmon. Enriched with healthy fatty acids, salmon traps moisture in your skin and enhances collagen synthesis. This way your skin is protected from those unsightly wrinkles and it remains soft and supple.

Salmon being high in proteins, strengthens the roots of your hair, thereby preventing hair damage. It naturally resolves dryness of hair and scalp. Have salmon to enhance the shine and texture of your hair.

For Preventing Cancer

The omga-3-fatty acids are brilliant anti-cancer agents. Regular intake of salmon substantially reduces chances of a wide range of cancers. This includes cancer in the colon, rectum, breasts, kidney, prostrate, lymph (lymphomas) and blood (leukemia)

The anti-cancer property of salmon is also pronounced due to presence of large amounts of vitamin D.

So how much salmon is enough for you? You can have 150-g servings twice or thrice a week to derive all the health benefits. Make sure you cook it in a healthy manner and do not end up increasing its calorie count.

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: January 16, 2015

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