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Natural wonder: Parsley

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Parsley is one of those herbs packed with essential nutrients and at the same time is a wonderful culinary ingredient used as seasonings, flavouring gravies and garnishing salads. Apart from this, it has medicinal properties which are quintessentially useful for your health. Discover the natural wonders of parsley over here...


Ensures heart health

Parsley contains folic acid and vitamin B9 which prevent rise of homocysteine, a compound that endangers your heart. You can nibble a few leaves regularly to protect yourself from heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases, like atherosclerosis.  

Worth to mention it is a natural remedy for hypertension and high blood sugar. You doctor might suggest a specific amount that you must consume to receive the much needed benefits.


Cures anaemia

Parsley is a natural source of vitamin C, iron and chlorophyll. These three compounds are necessary for increasing and absorbing iron in the body which further helps to replenish haemoglobin of RBCs. You can have the juice in order to receive the best health wonders out of parsley.


Natural wonders of vitamin A, B and C

Parsley contains vitamin C which boosts your immunity naturally. It protects you from a wide range of inflammatory diseases including arthritis and osteoporosis. Your body’s resistance is fortified against common cold, flu, bacterial infections, and UTIs on consuming parsley regularly.

Vitamin A enhances your immunity and is essential for the health of your eyes. You can have the juice to protect your eyes against degenerative diseases and improve your vision.

It’s that herb that contains one of the most important vitamins- i.e. vitamin K, which plays a vital role in modification of osteocalcin so that it can bind to calcium and form the bone matrix.  So you should eat parsley to get strong bones. Benefits of vitamin K from parsley are also pronounced in regeneration of cells and protecting against cardiovascular risks.

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Restores health of bladder and kidneys

Parsley is known to have diuretic effect which reduces your chances of having kidney stones and enhances function of the kidneys by regulating electrolyte balance. Furthermore, the two compounds myristicin and apiole combat bacterial infections and regulate flow of urine.


Excellent antioxidant

As said before, parsley is a storehouse of antioxidants and vitamins, potentially effective in rinsing free radicals and toxins from your body. This way not only your system is detoxified but your chances of having cancer is reduced to a large extent. Have a cup of parsley juice blended with mint and lemon.


Natural breath freshener

Chew in some fresh parsley leaves to freshen up your breath. If you are suffering from bad breath then make it a habit to eat the leaves raw. Chlorophyll contained in parsley combats oral bacteria and hence your breath is purified.


Solves menstruation problems

Parsley is just the herb for women facing problems with periods. It can potentially balance hormonal levels, regulate your menstrual cycles and tone down PMS symptoms like cramps and bloating. Parsley is advised to females having very less and irregular periods. You can indulge in eating the herb or drinking the juice to improve flow of blood and get over the troubles.

Now that you have discovered so many health benefits, start having parsley to bless yourself with its natural wonders.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: April 17, 2014

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