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Natural wonder - orange

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The bright orange coloured fruit is not only juicy and yummy but is enriched with numerous health benefits. Being the storehouse of vitamins, minerals and fibres, oranges help to fulfil the nutritional demand of your body.  

Let’s explore the natural wonders of oranges

One of the richest sources of vitamin C – builds immunity

Oranges are loaded with vitamin C, which form the key to our body’s immunity. Vitamin C enhances the function of white blood cells against fighting infections. One orange can fulfil the daily dose of vitamin C of your body.

Oranges are essential for improving cardiovascular health

Oranges are rich in fibres, potassium, calcium and several other antioxidants. It’s a sodium free fruit. This combination, along with a compound hesperidin is essential for stabilizing heart rate and blood pressure. The plant compounds protect your heart against a wide range of inflammatory heart diseases.

Eating oranges regularly reduces levels of bad cholesterol and hence, prevents clogging of arteries which causes potential risks of heart attack and strokes.

Oranges can protect from cancer

High concentration of vitamin C saves the healthy cells of the body from getting damaged by free radicals. Furthermore, vitamin D (limonene), quintessentially plays a significant role in eliminating chances of breast, lung, colon, oral and skin cancer. So eat oranges as much as possible...

Fights and prevents mouth ulcers

Next time you sense mouth ulcers going to pop up, just stuff yourself with some fresh orange cubes or orange juice. The ulcers would not come out. We also suggest you to include oranges in your diet if you get peptic ulcers frequently.

Eat oranges for a flawless and young looking skin

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Oranges have anti aging benefits. The antioxidants protect your skin from free radical damage and accentuate skin repair and regeneration. This way your skin remains youthful and wrinkle free. Other than that, vitamin C helps to eradicate blemishes and marks. This is why skin care cosmetics contain orange peel or extracts as one of the major ingredients.

Orange juice can prevent formation of kidney stones

Kidney stones are calcium oxalate deposits and orange juice has the power to dissolve them. Start having a glass of fresh orange juice if you have been diagnosed with kidney stones or want to protect yourself from it.

Excellent food for diabetics and obese people

Oranges are naturally sweet and diabetics can have it for quenching their sugar cravings in a healthy manner. Furthermore, the fruit being enriched with fibres do not cause sugar spikes.

Obese or overweight people who are trying to lose weight can eat oranges regularly.  

Wonderful for pregnant mothers and the baby

Doctors usually suggest external supplement of folic acid during pregnancy. So why not eating oranges? Not only it boosts your immunity during pregnancy, high folic acid content helps in proper development of the baby’s brain and protects against neurological disorders.

For strong bones, teeth and gums

Oranges not only strengthen the bones but also protect against inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis etc. It also enhances mineral density of the bones.

Vitamin C is essential for healthy teeth and gum.

Eating oranges improves quality of sperm  

The antioxidants present in oranges prevent sperm damage while folates restore genetic health of sperm. Overall, the health of sperm improves with eating oranges daily.  

So men and women out there, enjoy eating oranges to bless yourself with its nutritional properties.

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: January 30, 2015

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