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Natural wonder onion

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Onions – be the red, yellow or the white, are one of the most popularly consumed vegetables throughout the world. But lesser we know how beneficial onions can be when eaten on daily basis. Having an allium (sulphur) character and being packed with vitamins and essential minerals, onions are truly nature’s wonder.

Explore the natural wonders of onions over here.

Role of onion in preventing cancer

Extensive research works have been done with onions and their effect on cancer. As said before, onions are allium vegetables- they contain organic sulphur compounds which are capable of stopping growth of tumour cells and preventing free radical induced mutation. This characteristic property of onion is considered to be effective in lowering risk of cancers in colon, rectum, prostate and stomach. To receive this quintessential natural property of onion, you can have the juice, eat it raw as salad or add it to your food while cooking.

Onion is good for the heart

Onions pose no risk to people struggling heart disease for it’s a zero cholesterol food. They in fact increase good cholesterol levels in your body. The sulphur compounds might also be useful in lowering blood pressure. Apart from this, onions are enriched with natural antioxidants and vitamin C which certainly offers protection to your heart against anti-inflammatory diseases.

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Onions is smart food for diabetics

Yes, onions are low calorie foods that perfectly fit in a diabetic diet. Choose any variety and their sugar content is relatively low. You can add them to salads and soups or use as condiments, etc. They contain chromium which is known to have sugar stabilizing properties.

Onions are excellent anti-inflammatory vegetables

Onion is another vegetable that contains the brilliant flavonoid antioxidant-quercetin. This compound has anti-inflammatory action that protects you against a wide range of inflammatory diseases. In fact, you can try this quick remedy at home-

Rub a slice or onion or apply few drops of onion juice if you have been wounded and there’s pain, redness and swelling. You will receive comfort in sometime. Onion is also a home remedy for bee sting. Yes, try the same therapy to get over the pain and burning sensation.

Onion is enriched with vitamin C and A

We all are familiar with the bounties of vitamin C and the good news is- onions are reservoirs of vitamin C. Have onions if you are prone to common cold, flu, infections, allergies, etc. Vitamin C increases you immune function and you receive this by eating onions on regular basis. So, make onions a part of your healthy diet especially in the winters. You can also serve yourself a natural immune booster drink by combining one teaspoon onion juice with one teaspoon honey and lemon juice and a pinch of pepper.

Coming to the health benefits of vitamin A- onions are excellent for your eyes. Extract the juice and blend it with carrot and beetroot juice for better vision, less chances of eye infection and lowered risk of having night blindness and age related macular degeneration.

Beauty wonders of wonders

We all love our hair and are always on constant search for home remedies that would solve the common hair woes. Onions are your one stop solution for hair loss and dandruff. Rub the juice of onions with some hibiscus juice if you are troubled with hair fall and scanty hair problems because onions promote hair growth. Onion juice also fights off dandruff. Soak a cotton ball in onion juice and dab it all over the scalp and leave for an hour or overnight. Rinse off with mild and fragrant shampoo.

Written by: healthplus24.com team

Date last updated: December 11, 2014

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