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Natural wonder – lemon

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Lemon is nature’s gift to all! It has a wonderful tangy taste which is explored in a wide range of culinary seasonings all over the world. However, here you would discover the natural wonders of lemon pertaining mostly to your health and wellness. Check out


The master cleanse – warm lemon water

Why do doctors and nutritionists always insist you to start your day with a glass of warm lemon water? The reason is very simple- the antioxidant rich lemon cleanses your system absolutely. This in turn makes you immune to a wide range of health illnesses.


Lemon is needed for your gut health

Lemon water has promising benefits on your gut. It can eliminate harmful microbes from your gastrointestinal tract, thus restoring its microbial fauna. Lemon water and soda is also a cure for indigestion.


Benefits of soluble pectin present in lemons

Lemons are packed with soluble fibres known as pectins. This group of fibre has wonderful health benefits which list down below:

Constipation: You can have the pulp of the lemon, mixed in honey and warm water to get relief from constipation. Have this early in the morning

Cholesterol: Soluble pectins have the innate potential to bring down LDL cholesterol and trans fat. This is how it reduces risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack.

Diabetes: Lemon is friendly for diabetics. Research studies have shown that consuming lemon water daily without sugar can bring down blood glucose levels.

Weight loss: Lemon is used for losing weight and probably, its due to pectin which aids in emulsification of fat. You can have warm lemon water daily to achieve weight loss.

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Antioxidant benefits of lemon

Lemons are loaded with vitamin C and many more antioxidants which help you in the following way:

Oral care: You can squeeze out the juice of lemon and use it as mouth refresher. It clears up bad breath. Secondly, you can mix lemon juice with salt and use it to cleanse your gums and teeth. Lemon has bleaching action; it can brighten up your tooth and protect your gum from microbial infection.

Immunity: Lemon water detox has numerous benefits. It boosts your immunity, protects your cells from toxins and free radicals and lowers risk of having cancer, especially in kidney, liver, colon and bladder.


Lemon is good for your skin and hair

Lemon has versatile applications over skin and hair and the benefits have been proven. You can use the following home remedies with lemon: 

  • Lemon is has natural bleaching properties. You can apply diluted lemon juice to remove tan, dark patches and marks.
  • Drinking lemon juice would naturally protect your skin from infection. Otherwise you can use it as a pack to get rid of acne and pimples
  • You can rinse your hair with lemon water to add shine and lustre. It acts like a conditioner
  • Lemon is the best solution to dandruff problems. You can mix lemon water with coconut water and massage you scalp regularly to get rid of it.


Lemon hydrates and refreshes you

Lemon water is a wonderful refreshing drink. The citrus flavour instantly rejuvenates your system and you feel energetic. Serve yourself a delighting drink of cool lemon water mixed with a pinch of salt, sugar and some fresh mint leaves in summers to rev up your energy and protect yourself from heat stroke.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: July 29, 2014

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