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Natural Wonders – Oats

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Why are nutritionists insisting more and more on having oats every day? Well, definitely there must be some reason...So what’s that? We tell you the secrets here.

Oats are nutrient laden foods that contain numerous vitamins, minerals antioxidants, healthy carbohydrates and fibres.

Oats are low in calories- have it for controlling weight

Unlike, cornflakes, oats are extremely low in calories. They are devoid of cholesterol and saturated fats and you can have them without worrying about weight gain. Especially, those who are making desperate efforts to lose weight must have oats every day.

It also keeps you proof from hunger pangs by increasing secretion of appetite control hormones.

Oats give you energy

Being rich in healthy carbohydrates, magnesium, calcium, and iron, it’s an excellent source of energy. Have oats every morning to stay energetic throughout the day.

Have oats to curb Digestion Problems

Oats, being rich in fibre aids in digestion. Do not miss on this food if you are regularly suffering from digestive disorders. Apart from this, it’s a wonderful natural laxative, that will essentially reduce your dependency on laxative pills or syrups.

Strengthen your Immune System with Oats

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Oats are indeed a wonder ingredient. Enriched with vitamin E and selenium, it boots your body’s immune function. Beta glucan is another substance that protects your body naturally from a wide range of infections by prompting the action of neutrophils.

Immensely beneficial for the heart

Oats have numerous benefits on your heart health. First, consumption of this cereal considerably reduces bad cholesterol in your body over the time. It helps in maintaining your blood pressure. The combined effects of plant lignans, antioxidants and beta glucan eliminate risks of cardiovascular diseases and lower chances of heart attack.

Makes your bones strong and protects from osteoporosis

Being rich in calcium, magnesium and phosphorous, oats strengthens your bones. Middle aged women must have oats regularly, to protect themselves from the most common bone disorder- osteoporosis.

Have oats daily if you are diabetic

Oats are sugar free, are efficient in controlling sugar spikes inside the body and also help improving insulin sensitivity. This is because of its high fibre content that makes it a low glycaemic index food. So have oats to bring down blood sugar.

Use oats for a beautiful skin

You can have oats for a beautiful skin. Use it to exfoliate your skin- make a scrub or a pack by grinding the oats, mix with milk or honey to apply all over your face and neck. The saponins in oats cleanses dirt and oils from the skin pores.

Miscellaneous Health Benefits

Phytochemicals present in oats reduces risk of colon and breast cancer. High iron content makes it healthy for anaemic people. Doctors also say that oats reduce risk of asthma in children.

So what you think? Are you ready to have healthy oats every day? We give you a tip- mix whole grain oats and not the refined variety with assorted fruits for a tasty delight.   

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: January 09, 2015

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