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Natural wonder – guava 

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The green coloured fruit is a storehouse of vitamin A, B and C and a wide range of natural antioxidants. Basically, guava is a natural supplement of vitamin C. This is because the vitamin C content of guava is 4 times more than that in oranges.

You receive the following health benefits when you eat guava...


Get your daily dose of vitamin C from guava to boost your immunity

Your body become much more immune to infections. If you suffer from cold, cough and infections quite frequently then you must munch on guava. Vitamin C is not only an immune booster but also an antioxidant, which protects your cells and tissues from toxicity and damage.


Eat guava with the skin to get relief from constipation

The pulp along with the peel is loaded with fibres. Your doctor will definitely advise you to eat guava if you have constipation problem. Drink lots of water along with a guava to normalize your bowels. It’s a brilliant laxative.


High fibre content makes it a wonder food for diabetics

As said before, guava contains lots of fibres which help to slow down absorption of sugar by your body. If you are still eating strawberries, cherries and other types of sugar rich fruits, then substituting them with guava is a better option.

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Chew guava for stronger teeth and bones

Guava contains a decent amount of the calcium, magnesium and phosphorous which undoubtedly promote health of your bones. Although the leaves of the fruits are known for whitening your teeth and making them strong, nonetheless you can eat the fruit also for having healthy teeth.


You must eat guava for improving the health of your eyes

Guava is enriched with vitamin A and vitamin C which are quintessentially necessary for your eyes. While vitamin A promises enhanced vision and reduced risk of age related macular degeneration, vitamin C protects your eyes from microbial infections.


Guava is recommended to pregnant women

Guava is enriched with iron, and pregnant women require extra dose of iron to boost their energy levels and also to prevent anaemia. Secondly, the fruit is a reservoir of B-complex vitamins, or folate which is an essential prenatal vitamin. When you eat guavas daily, you obtain the nutrition naturally.


Guava is a source of copper which regulates thyroid metabolism

An interesting and rare health benefit you receive from guava is improvement of your thyroid health. The trace element copper is capable of regulating metabolism of thyroid hormones. This way the balance of your thyroid hormones are maintained.


Vitamin B3 and B6 of guava promote health of your brain

Vitamin B3 or niacin is known to boost your memory and improve your cognitive functions while B 6 nourishes the brain nerves and ensures that they are functioning properly. Therefore, eat guava to have long term memory and improved brain health.


Guava helps to maintain normal blood pressure

This is because of magnesium, which promotes normal circulation of blood to the heart. You are at much reduced risk of having hypertension with consumption of magnesium rich foods like guava. Although in less amounts, guava also contains potassium which brings about similar benefits to your heart health. 

Apart from those, you can have fresh guava juice as your energy drink and for a flawless healthy skin.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: June 03, 2014

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