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Natural wonder – ginseng

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Ginseng is another gift of Mother Nature, blessed truly with immense properties which had been explored since ages in medicinal field, curative therapies and culinary seasoning. It’s an herb and the root finds application in all healing remedies. Basically there are two versions of ginseng viz. the Asian ginseng and American ginseng, having some special therapeutic properties, individually.

Let’s discover the natural wonders of ginseng from the next content.

Ginseng and diabetes

A case study performed on a group of diabetes patients for 12 days period, showed that the hemoglobin A1C (a standard measure of blood sugar) dripped with consumption of specific amount of ginseng. Doctors say that this herb might prove a breakthrough in diabetic management because it’s loaded with viscous fibres.


Ginseng elevates your mood

Ginseng or ashwagandha is a key ingredient of herbal teas, because of its potential to elevate your mood. If your mood is grumpy in the morning, then make it a point to have ginseng tea every day and you can perceive the difference soon.


Ginseng in treatment of depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue syndrome

The bio-chemicals and volatile oils contained in ginseng root, especially in the Panax ginseng of Chinese/Asian origin is very effective in treating depression and anxiety. Your doctor would prescribe you the supplements for a specific time which would balance your hormonal levels by affecting pituitary function.

Ginseng has the potential to regularise your blood circulation which helps to manage chronic fatigue syndrome. The net effect is improved mental status and boosted energy levels.

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Ginseng in treatment of erectile dysfunction

Korean red ginseng of Asian origin or connoted as Chinese ginseng or panax ginseng is one of the potent herbs that finds immense application in treatment of erectile dysfunction. Practitioners of traditional medicine consider the root to be highly effective in stabilizing blood circulation to the penis, which results in proper erection. One can also take the supplements after consulting with doctor to get over erectile problems, to stimulate energy, increase libido and give better performance.  


Ginseng is used to treat infections

American ginseng is a booster of the immune system, it improves circulation and digestion. It's used to treat infections such as common cold and respiratory infections. The herb is also given to enhance immunity in people suffering from HIV, AIDS, inflammatory colon diseases, etc. Overall, you can consume the root in natural form at least few days in a week to increase immune function of your body.

Other healing properties of ginseng

  • It has a promising effect on your arteries i.e. protects them from hardening
  • Stabilizes cardio-vascular circulation
  • Increases your concentration and memory

Note: You should consult your doctor before consuming ginseng supplements as they have some mild side effects. However, you can consume ginseng tea or culinary seasonings daily, in moderate amounts.

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: July 06, 2014

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