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Natural wonders of coconut water

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Coconut water is the elixir of life. Being enriched with complete range of essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins, it nourishes your health thoroughly. It not only heals your body but also protects it from day to day health problems. Apart from that, the sweet flavour can be rejoiced by all and you can have this as a healthy refreshment drink.

Relieves from urinary discomfort

Coconut water is diuretic in nature.  Drinking tender coconut water helps to combat urinary tract infection and get rid of pain and burning during urination. It normalizes flow of urine and eliminates toxic elements

To prevent and dissolve kidney stones

It’s due to presence of high amount of potassium that coconut water is a therapy preventing as well as dissolving kidney stones. Potassium has the potential to alkalize urine, which further prevents solidification of digestive wastes in the blood and accumulation inside the walls of the kidney walls.

Keeps you hydrated, energetic and maintains electrolyte balance

It replenishes salt (potassium and sodium) and minerals (calcium, magnesium, phosphorous) in your body. The best time to refresh with coconut water is during sweltering summers because it rejuvenates and hydrates you instantly. You can have it every day to keep your system hydrated. The excellent combination of essential nutrients boosts your energy.

Improves cardiovascular health

It’s due to the presence of potassium and magnesium that coconut water takes care of your heart. It protects you from atherosclerosis, reduces risks of strokes and heart attack, lowers bad cholesterol and regulates circulation of blood.

Enhances digestion and metabolism

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The bioactive enzymes like catalase, diastase, folic acid, etc. improve your digestive power. Additional co factors including zinc, vitamin B, riboflavin, etc. also bring about similar effects. It boosts your energy level by accelerating metabolism of fats and sugar. This way you lose weight faster and become less prone to having sugar spikes.

Increases your immunity

When it comes to immunizing your body naturally then coconut water is probably one of the best options. It contains loads of vitamin C that shields you from viral infection and pathogenic bacteria. Consuming coconut water everyday makes one less vulnerable to stomach infections as it can ward off harmful parasites from the intestines

Keeps your skin fresh and has anti aging properties

Coconut water can balance the pH of your skin while other elements like cytokines and lauric acid have anti aging and anti carcinogenic properties. It retains natural radiance of the skin and protects from premature wrinkles.

For bone and muscle health

If your muscle cramps are resulting from nutrient deficiency, then you must have coconut water daily to eventually get rid of the pain. Women who are vulnerable to osteoporosis and other types of bone disorders must have coconut water every day. High amounts of calcium make bones dense and strong.

Has antiseptic property

The fresh water of coconut is considered to be sterile. It can be used as disinfectant and anti septic for wounds, cuts and bruises.

Soothes your mind

Vitamin B complex is capable of reducing stress, anxiety and depression. Have coconut water to enhance your mood.

During pregnancy

It’s immensely useful for pregnant mothers who suffer from heartburn, acidity and other symptoms of GERD. Drinking coconut water also helps to cope with morning sickness, exhaustion and fatigue. Not only mothers, but the baby is also nourished with the goodness of coconut water.  

One glass of fresh coconut water shall bless you with so many wonderful health benefits. So make it a habit to grab the drink as regularly as possible.

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: January 29, 2015

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