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Natural wonder cardamom

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Cardamom is truly a wonder spice. Be it the big or the small ones, the aroma infuses wonderfully in food and you experience a rich flavor and taste. Apart from the aroma, cardamom has brilliant health properties due to its rich constitution of volatile oils, enzymes, minerals like magnesium, zinc, iron and a generous composition of vitamins like riboflavin, vitamin B 6, thiamine, vitamin C, etc.

Let’s explore the natural wonders of cardamom here:

Oral health

Cardamom has been used since ages by Ayurvedic doctors in healing dental problems. Bing a natural antiseptic, cardamom can heal dental infections. They enhance growth of good oral bacterial and ward off bad bacterial. The oil of cardamom brings about this promising effect.

And to forget cardamom is perhaps the best breath fresher! Just like cloves, you can chew the tiny seeds after your meals to purify your breath. In fact, you can mix a few drops of oil with water and use it as a mouth rinse.

Cardamom is good for digestion

One of the reasons why cardamom finds immense application in the culinary purposes is its impact on digestion process. The volatile oils present in cardamom stimulate digestion and lower GERD problems like acidity, flatulence, bloating and gas.

A quick tip for you- dry roast some cardamom seeds, carom seeds and fennel seeds and much after meals if you have acidity problems.

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The aromatic benefits of cardamom

The brilliant aroma of cardamom has a stimulating effect on your senses. You can simply crush the pod and add it to your beverage for instant rejuvenation.

Cardamom essential oil is also used in spas and herbal centres for massage therapies and treatment of muscle fatigue, tiredness, general aches and pains. Furthermore, the scintillating aroma induces a sense of calm and relaxation.

So if you’re stressed out you can always go for a cardamom aromatic massage.

Cardamom is a brilliant anti cancer

Several research studies have demonstrated the fact that Indole-3-carbinol and diindolylmethane are the two compounds that possess anti-carcinogenic effect. Cardamom oil has utmost significance in Ayurveda for therapy of cancer. The best way to receive its preventive benefits is to add them while cooking or simply chew them as mouth fresher.

Cardamom is a heart smart spice

Cardamom is loaded with enzymes and antioxidants which are capable of controlling absorption of cholesterol in the body. This is how cardamom can lower bad cholesterol level, thereby reducing risk of heart disease in the future. Furthermore, magnesium also stabilizes heart beat and blood circulation.

Antispasmodic properties of cardamom

Next time you sense spasms in your muscles then massage it with cardamom oil. The chemical compounds tend to tone down the pain and induce the much needed relief. Secondly, cardamom also has anti inflammatory action-  you can use the oil to get away with soreness and pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

Cardamom is a home remedy for cold and sore throat

First of all, cardamom is an immune booster as it contains vitamin C. If you have a weak immune system then you might consider having the powder along with water 3-4 times a week. This would reduce your vulnerability to allergies, cold, flu, asthma, etc.

If you are having sore throat and flu like symptoms then prepare this concoction at home- Take 2 teaspoons of butter, crush 2 pods of cardamom and 2 cloves and a pinch of black pepper. Warm it and drink it after it has cooled down a bit.

Written by: healthplus24.com team

Date last updated: December 11, 2014

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