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Natural Wonder- Cabbage

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Many out there are not really fond of cabbage, until they get to know the gamut range of wonderful benefits this leafy green vegetable has been blessed with. No wonder cabbage is uniquely healthy. Be it the red or the green variety, cabbage is a reservoir of fibres, antioxidants, minerals, sulphur compounds and vitamins.

The wonder food as you may call it is recommended to people suffering from various health complications. So why should you eat cabbage? Know the answers from below...

Trying to lose weight? Eat cabbage then...

Cabbage is low in calories as it contains high amounts of fibre. Heard about the popular cabbage soup diet, right? Follow it right away if you want to shed those extra pounds. It’s also a wonderful supplement for obese people. If not soups, you can simply make juice and have it like a magic potion.


Worried about your sudden cholesterol spike? Cabbage is the solution

The antioxidant property of cabbage prevents bile from absorbing fat after eating, which in turn lowers the cholesterol load in the body. The phytochemicals- isothiocyanates and thiocyanates reduces LDL (bad) cholesterols.

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Cabbage gives relief from stomach and peptic ulcers

Cabbage has excellent detoxifying properties due which free radicals and toxins produced inside your stomach and intestines get easily eliminated. Vitamin U or “cabbage” is the secret to protecting your internal system from ulcers.


Eat cabbage for stronger bones

The three minerals calcium, iron and magnesium are abundantly present in cabbage, which contribute to improving your bone health. Furthermore, vitamin K and vitamin C are essential for saving your bones from osteoporosis


Suffice your daily dose of roughage by eating cabbage regularly

If you are suffering from constipation problems and various other discomforts associated with the colon and passing bowel, then make sure you have cabbage. You will definitely reap the benefits once you start having cabbage, especially in raw forms, i.e. cabbage juice or salad.


Improve your brain health with cabbage

Ever wondered how cabbage plays a significant role in improving your brain health? Enriched with vitamin K, it enhances secretion of sphingolipids (myelin sheath around nerves), which protects the nerves from damage. To sum up, eating cabbage improves your concentration and makes you less prone to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in old age.


Cabbage is the saviour against a wide range of cancers

When it comes to protecting against cancers (breasts, colon, prostrate, bladder), red cabbage is the winner because it’s rich in anthocyanins, which are supposedly more powerful antioxidants than vitamin C. Another wonder ingredient present in cabbage is glucosinolates, which is much touted for its anti-carcinogenic properties.


Is your blood pressure and heart rate fluctuating? Cabbage is the answer

Cabbage is rich in iron, manganese, magnesium and most importantly potassium, which plays a key role in maintaining electrolyte balance inside the body. Have cabbage for a healthy heart.


Do you have anaemia? Make sure you have cabbage

Cabbage being rich in iron and folic acid is essential for those suffering from anemia. Iron aids in formation of red blood cells.


Cabbage is the secret behind flawless skin

Are you prone to acne, blemishes and spots over skin? If yes, then start having cabbage in raw form. Being laden with vitamin C, vitamin E, anthocyanins, and amino acids it nourishes your skin internally and makes it flawless.


Have cabbage to improve your eyesight

Not only you, but also encourage your kids to eat this cruciferous vegetable. It contains vitamin A and beta carotene which are quintessential for improving vision and protecting your eyes from retinal degeneration. 

So now you know why cabbage is a natural wonder. Have a serving at least thrice a week to receive all the health benefits.

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Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: November 01, 2013

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