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Benefits of herbal teas

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Green tea

Think of detoxifying your body and you visualize yourself drinking green tea. The bright green leaves are full of antioxidants (Epigallocatechin Gallate, catechins) that help to boost your immunity and lower risk of various types of cancers.

Green tea sans sugar is the perfect recipe for weight loss. Not only does it help you to lose weight but also revs up your energy levels. Must say, green tea is intensely refreshing.

The natural compounds – flavonols are good for your heart and also for your skin. Another interesting benefit is- taking compress with green tea bag alleviates dental pain.

Black tea and oolong tea

Black tea and oolong tea are rich in caffeine! So if you want to stimulate your senses instantly then sip a cuppa of black tea or oolong tea. They keep your brain active and energized. If you are feeling blue, tired or having headache then you should prefer having this variety to rejuvenate your senses.

Furthermore, the quintessence Indian flavours of black/oolong tea blended with spices and ginger is an amazing drink to overcome cold and soreness from throat. Enjoy a hot cuppa during chilly winters.

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Chamomile Tea

The colourful herbal tea has a wonderful fragrance which is known to induce calm and soothe your mind. Have a cup of chamomile tea before bed time to enjoy sound sleep. Some other health benefits that should compel you to sip this wonderful herbal drink is-  it increases immunity, fights off cold, cures stomach upset and helps to manage emotional turmoil like anxiety, stress, depression etc.

Nettle tea

Nettle tea finds immense application in European herbal therapies. The herb is a rich source of calcium and magnesium. Drinking nettle tea boosts bone health and is excellent for your teeth. People with inflammatory bone diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis are benefitted from nettle tea.

If you have allergies like hay fever then consider drinking nettle tea to knock down the symptoms. Some other benefits of drinking Nettle tea are: relief from menstrual cramps, useful for urinary and prostrate complications, and alleviation of gastrointestinal symptoms.

Peppermint Tea

Another, fantastic herbal tea is peppermint tea. Mainly useful for solving digestive problems like acidity, heartburn and indigestion, you can brew yourself some after meals. The soothing and fresh aroma of peppermint tea also acts as breath freshener.

Apart from this, peppermint leaves being a good source of antioxidants are immensely useful for curing cold, chest congestion, nose blockage, headache and other flu symptoms.

Hibiscus tea

We are accustomed with the beauty benefits of hibiscus flower but the lesser known fact is- it has excellent health benefits too. Dried hibiscus tea has the potential to lower blood pressure and improve heart health. The antioxidants contained in hibiscus tea further reduce your risk of inflammatory diseases.

A word of caution- consult your doctor before drinking hibiscus tea especially if you are taking blood pressure medicines, have low blood pressure, pregnant or breastfeeding.

Lemongrass tea

Grass may it be but is an exotic grass with beautiful fragrance. Lemongrass is an excellent source of vitamin A and C. So serve yourself lemongrass tea for assured protection against common cold and infections during winters.

If you are having stomach problems way too frequently then have this wonderful drink to detox your stomach and restore the microbial flora.

Dandelion tea

Dandelion tea tastes good and helps to manage a wide range of problems like digestive disorders, diarrhoea and constipation, sugar imbalance, etc.

Dandelion tea is healing and also immune boosting.

Written by: healthplus24.com team

Date last updated: December 17, 2014

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