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Natural wonder barley

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Barley is a whole grain that is harvested from the soft, young green shoots of the barley plant. It is one of the oldest grown sweet grass that is often spoken about as the best fast food provided by nature. It is full of nutrients and helps one cure many diseases.

When it comes to listing down edible cereals and grasses in terms of nutritional value, Barley tops the list. Be it the grass or the grains (whole grains or pearl barley), you can consume it on regular basis to receive its immense health benefits.Let’s discover the natural wonders of Barley over here...

Excellent source of fibre

Barley grass and its grains are both loaded with fibres. One cup of Barley contains 6 grams of fibre, therefore forming a wonderful breakfast cereal. The health benefits of fibres include relief from constipation and protecting inflammation of your colon.

Food for diabetics

Barley has the lowest glycemic index of all cereals and therefore is the perfect choice for diabetic people. Eating boiled pealBarley would help to reduce your blood sugar levels due to the promising benefits of beta glucan on your body.

Barley for your heart health

Barley is a whole grain and is devoid of cholesterol and saturated fats. You can have the cereal on a regular basis, if you are suffering from a weak heart health. Barley is capable of reducing bad cholesterol levels, stabilizing blood pressure and improving overall cardiac efficiency. It’s a natural drug for your cardiovascular health.

Holistic nourishment to your body

Green Barley contains 11 times more calcium than in cow’s milk and 5 times more iron than that in spinach. Consuming Barley juice or having the whole cereal protects you against bone disorders and joint problems. Furthermore, being enriched with iron, it helps in the synthesis of hemoglobin, which is a key component of the blood. This is the reason why Barley juice is recommendedfor people with anemia.

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The best natural summer coolant

Barleywater, i.e. pre-soaked Barley in warm water is capable of restoring sodium balance in your body. It contains organic sodium, which helps to recover from dehydration symptoms. Bring a natural coolant, you can drink Barley water regularly during summers to protect yourself from heat boils, sun stroke and nose bleeds.

Barley is a natural antioxidant

Barleyis enriched with vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B 12 and significant amounts of plant chlorophyll, which are essential for boosting immunity of your body. If you have a weakened immune system or suffering from chronic illness, then your doctor would recommend barley supplements like Barley juice or the pearls to fortify your health internally.The natural plant enzymes contained in green Barley also protect your cells from free radical damage and act as anti-cancer agents.

Due to the immune boosting properties, barley is often advised to heal conditions like acne, hay fever, eczema, lung infections, kidney problems and other types of inflammatory conditions.

Barley is a storehouse of minerals

Yes, Barley is a reservoir of minerals. It contains a wonderful combination of macro and micro nutrients like calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, sodium, iron, manganese, zinc, sulfur, selenium, cobalt, etc. All these minerals enhancesyour metabolic machinery, improve organ functions and suffice for the mineral demand of your body.

A word of caution, take your doctor’s permission before consuming Barley if you have problems with gluten or if taking other herbal supplements or drugs. A glass of Barley water is generally safe for pregnant women, but not more than that. Doctors do not recommend Barley to breastfeeding women.

This was some information related to natural wonder barley. It is a multi-nutrient super food, that contains all the vital nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and much more to help the body stay strong and healthy. Do include a glass of barley water at least once a week in your diet.

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: April 28, 2015

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