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How to beat stress with meditation?

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Meditation is an inner experience that leads to purification of the mind and body. When you are stressed, restless, depressed or anxious, then try this calming technique to relieve yourself from these health endangering elements.

How does meditation work for stress?

When your mind is overworked, it needs rest. And it can be achieved through meditation. Through meditation you gain better control over your mind, body and soul. Your senses are awakened. It works by stimulating your nervous system which further reduces stress hormones in your body. As a result of this, your blood pressure is lowered, muscles are relaxed and your mind is soothed. This way you get rid of stress and other relative problems.

Meditation techniques to beat stress

Deep breathing and muscle relaxation are the two techniques that help to get rid of stress. We explain them below:

Deep breathing meditation

Deep breathing means inhaling and exhaling from your abdomen in the environment of fresh air. You sit straight with your legs crossed and arms stretched through your knees. Close your eyes and breathe through your nose. Do it slowly and completely stay away from distractions.

Progressive muscle relaxation

This technique involves gradual tensing and relaxing those muscles of the body that affect your neurological system. When you perform progressive muscle relaxation, focus all your energy on it. This will gradually soothe your mind and relieve you from stress.  It’s suggested to perform this technique under the guidance of a trainer.

Mindful meditation

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Being one of the quintessentially practised techniques in Buddhism, mindful meditation allows you to be conscious about your present and the happenings. You sit and meditate and awaken your senses and perceive yourself the way you are. It results in gaining wisdom that would help you to get out of the mesh of stress. We advise you  to learn the correct technique from an experienced person.

Meditation tips for beating stress

The following tips shall help you to meditate in the right way and achieve the desired results

Practise religiously

You need to make meditation a part of your daily schedule. So be generous and practise it religiously and kindly

Fix a time

The best time to meditate is early morning. If you are suffering from stress, then aim at meditating in the morning so that your day goes perfectly fine. You can also meditate before going to bed and get a deep sleep. Mediating for 10-20 minutes in a day will considerably benefit you.

The environment

You can meditate anywhere but make sure the environment is free from chaos and noise. This helps you to focus better and calm down your mind. At home you can create an environment, by putting off the lights and lighting a candle

Empty your mind

This is the toughest part of meditation...and you have to do it! Our mind is never empty; we always think something in some corner of the mind. When your thoughts are haywire, you are not meditating and you cannot be stress free. Instead try consciously focusing on an object (like the candle) that would bring peace to you. Gradually get rid of every kind of thoughts and experience calmness.

While breathing

When you perform breathing techniques, try to bring out your inner voice. Breathe out by chanting “om...” or “hmm...”. This improves your concentration.


Since your body is relaxing, make sure you wear loose clothes. Tight clothes divert your attention because you feel uncomfortable.

If you truly want to taste the benefits of meditation for stress, then you have to make it a habit. Practise is everyday and make conscious effort to not take stress. Good luck!

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: January 27, 2015

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