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Massage therapy for back pain

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If you are looking for an alternate option for managing occasional back pain, then massage therapy is the best choice. You can hit a nearby massage parlour or get it done at your home. We shall explain you how the therapy works, what techniques you should opt for and the advantages of massage therapy on your back.


How does massage therapy work for back pain

A massage therapist knows the anatomy of your body in depth. Back pain usually arises from stress in muscles which is a consequence of long sitting hours in office, travelling, jerky movements like lifting heavy objects or an accidental injury like tripping, slipping, etc. wearing uncomfortable shoes, or the back pain could also be fibromyalgia pain. Back pain can also occur in pregnant women due to increase in weight of their body. If your pain is arising from any of these reasons, then it can be managed with regular sessions of massage therapy.

Our skeletal muscular system including the upper and the lower back consists of trigger points or muscle knots which are nothing but palpable and taut nodules of fibrous bands. Compression of these trigger points can make them tender and the pain can travel to distant areas of the body, for example- the back. It further affects the performance of the entire muscle fibres present adjacent to the point of origin of the pain.

However, these knots are treatable and henceforth a massage therapy is required. With application of differential techniques on the muscle knots, pain, stress, tenderness and other symptoms associated with them are released.

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Message therapies that work best on back pain

Swedish Massage

One of the gentlest forms of massage therapy is the Swedish massage therapy. You can get this done whenever you want to get over stress and day to day mild backaches. The therapist applies differential pressure on your back, shoulders and neck including a combination of smooth and kneading pressure and rapid gliding strokes. 

Deep Tissue Massage

If your back has become sore, tender along with great deal of pain then you need deep tissue massage. The therapist would use herbal oil for performing smooth movement with his/her hands. The deeper layers of the muscles would be targeted to release the pain. It is also useful for people who are regularly in to sports, muscle building and other types of heavy activities.


It‘s a Japanese technique. The therapist would be applying pressure on different parts of your back with his/her fingers as well as palms, usually targeted on 12 acupuncture meridians. Shiatsu is particularly applied for managing chronic back pain.

Hot Stone Massage

You can resort to hot stone massage for managing tension, discomfort and dull pain in back and all over your body. It’s an intensely relaxing massage in which the therapist places warm stones of controlled temperature all over your back, following a massage. The heat generated from the stones works on the trigger points. 


Advantages of massage therapy for back pain

  • Effectively reduces back pain, manages stress and tension all over the body
  • Massage therapy, no matter whatever the reason you are trying it, is intensely relaxing and calming
  • Improved blood circulation in body, boosted energy and self confidence
  • No evasive instruments like needles are used on the body

Written by: healthplus24.com team
Date last updated: July 12, 2014

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