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Health benefits of massage therapy

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A massage therapy is only meant for de stressing and relaxing, but it also has numerous health benefits. You can opt for a massage therapy to get rid of body ailments and disorders also.

Massage therapy is indeed a scientific technique wherein your body muscles and tissues are massaged in a particular technique to achieve the desired results.

Relaxes and rejuvenates the mind and body

Your body and mind are interconnected. When you are undergoing a relaxation therapy, your body is massaged to calm down your mind, relax your senses, reduce anxiety, depression and improve alertness, concentration and self awareness. It also improves your mood, intelligence and day to day performance.

Improves blood circulation

You suffer from several health ailments when your blood circulation is not adequate. It could be either too fast or too slow. Undergoing a therapeutic massage improves your blood circulation and aids in muscle growth and regeneration.

Boosts immune function

When your body is free from stress, its immunity is improved. There are several massage therapies directed towards increasing body’s cytotoxic capacity and improving lymphatic function. As a result of this, your body acquires a better ability to fight infections and offer protection against foreign particles.

Manages Joint Pain

Stiffness, soreness, inflammation and other types of joint pain can be well managed by massage therapy. It’s one of the alternative treatment options for fibromyalgia, myalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, back pain, neck stiffness, carpel tunnel syndrome, sport injuries and other types of body pain. The therapeutic techniques protect the fluids around the joints and make them injury proof.

Improves flexibility and motion of muscles

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Deep tissue massage aids in getting rid of chronic muscle tension and stiffness in the body. It can relieve muscle strain, muscle pull and stress from muscles. It targets to increase flexibility and motion of connective tissues, ligaments and joints by enhancing blood flow and healing soft tissue injuries.

Manages high blood pressure

Massage therapy has the ability to bring down high blood pressure. Experts know the art of managing systolic and diastolic pressure and keeping the stress hormone under control. Since stress, tension and anxiety are reduced considerably, massage therapy reduces risks of strokes and other types of cardiovascular diseases.

Helpful during pregnancy

A prenatal massage therapy is aimed towards holistic improvement of health of pregnant mothers. It can lower anxiety, improve sleep, eliminate fatigue and body ache, and enhance mood by stimulating secretion of serotonin and dopamine. Massage therapy can also ease labour.

Other Benefits:

We list down several other benefits of massage therapy below:

  • Improves your skin tone and appearance
  • Eliminates headaches and migraine pain
  • Manages diabetes
  • an enhance libido and sexual performance
  • Reduces gastrointestinal discomforts and constipation
  • Stimulate the nervous system to help reduce muscle atrophy
  • Help with injury rehabilitation and post operative recovery
  • Induces sleep, can cure insomnia

The type of benefit you receive or are seeking for depends on the kind of massage therapy you are undergoing. Your therapist will let you know the best massage suited for you and capable of healing your body.

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Written by: Saptakee sengupta
Date last updated: January 17, 2015

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