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How Ayurveda can prevent and cure skin disease

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Our skin is a good indicator of health. The senses of touch, temperature, pressure and pain are all experienced by it. But skin can become dull, blemished and age prematurely. Many people suffer from common and uncommon skin disease or disorders such as pimples, acne, premature ageing, pigmentation and many types of skin eruptions. Ayurveda offers a unique understanding, cures and preventive tips to away skin disease and ailments.

Our skin and the natural way of Ayurveda

Generally, skin disease does not create a situation of emergency or immediate threat to life – unless there’s a violent reaction to an allergy, medication or someone suffers from a childhood genetic disease.

You must know the qualities of good skin to identify when something goes wrong. Healthy skin is smooth and soft. It’s evenly toned and well-hydrated. There are no break outs or cuts. In our mouth, lips and tongue the skin must be moist – and most of all, skin should heal quickly.

If you find anything wrong in the above conditions, approach an Ayurveda practitioner to see if natural remedies can cure the particular skin condition. 

How Ayurveda diagnosis skin disease

The first step in the Ayurvedic method to skin care is finding out the skin type.

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Vata skin type

If vata or ‘cold and moving’ is the dominant feature of body, the skin of a person is rough, dry, wrinkled, cold, and thin with fine pores. This type of skin may age faster, and tends to be flaky when out of balance. For Vata skin to stay soft, skin care products should include some essential oils or herbs so that they can nourish the skin and rehydrate it. Stay away from emotional and mental stress as it literally sucks out all the important juices from your skin. If you have a vata skin type, try breathing exercises and meditation. Drink at least eight glasses of water, include juice in your diet, go early to bed, and always oil your body.   

Pitta skin type

In pitta skin type, ‘hot and energetic,’ the skin is sensitive, fair, war, of medium thickness, does not tolerate hot eatables, and can burn easily. If you have this skin type, then your skin can often experience rashes, sunspots and acne. To take care of pitta type of skin Ayurveda recommends that you should cool your skin, don’t be in a steaming environment for long, don’t eat spicy food, and avoid long durations of sun exposure. Eat organic food and drink lots of water.

Kapha skin type

If your body’s basic quality is of kapha dosha, or ‘heavy abd oily,’ the skin of the person is cold, oily, heavy, dense, lubricating and thick - with more chances of having large pores and tendency to have cystic acne. Toxins are the major problem creators in this skin type. Due to kapha, the body and skin attracts impurities. To tackle problems, Ayurveda practice recommends that one should be clean from the inside and the outside else there will be skin break outs due to toxin build-up. Avoid heavy food, eat simple vegetables, and keep your digestion in good order.

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How Ayurveda works in treating skin disease

Skin disease has deep-rooted causes, and can originate from human tissues such as blood, muscles, and fat. If you go to a regular allopathic doctor, you will generally be prescribed medicines, lotions and creams.

But Ayurvedic treatments are not just ‘skin deep’ – they attack the roots of the problem – once for all. Ayurvedic skin treatments may take a few weeks to show signs of cure, but you will find that the treatment is generally permanent. Ayurveda can treat common skin problems such as Eczema, Acne, Urticaria, and Psoriasis quite easily. Balancing what you eat, how you feel and how you lead your physical life can permanently resolve a skin condition.

There are certain steps you can take to avoid and self-treat skin disease – the natural way. Try to lead a calm life, have a regular sleeping pattern, always do 15-20 minutes of simple breathing exercise, be active, eat a lot of fiber, avoid too much heavy and spicy food, avoid too much sugar, know about food and non-items that cause allergy, and always use a natural or trusted moisturizer before stepping out into the sun. Ayurveda experts say that if you take all these precautions, you will never have any serious or lasting disease – let alone skin disease. 

Written by: healthplus24.com team

Date last updated: February 06, 2015

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