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Ten health benefits of fasting

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Fasting is the fastest way to short-term and long-term good health. Generally, eating less, on a daily basis, will reduce chances of serious disease, pain, and help you live longer – so that you can lead a productive life. But fasting even once, let alone on a regular basis, is not easy. It’s not easy to let go of the habit of eating what one is used to having in every meal.

But if there’s anything that will motivate you – it will be the clear and evident benefits of fasting. Once you know how fasting or eating less in a day can be miraculous to the body – you will be encouraged to fast, and make it part of your lifestyle and eating philosophy.  

Why fasting is good for health

Fasting is a good habit, and when properly practiced, eliminates toxins from the body, reduces blood sugar and fat stores. It promotes healthy eating habits and improves immunity. Research indicates that there are major health benefits due to fasting during which the body consumes less number of calories.

By fasting regularly one can reduce instance of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, improve insulin resistance, immune disorders, and, in general, slow down the ageing process – all of which are great benefits.

One can fast for 14-18 hours, which is the normal period of fasting. Typically, the longest time period would be 32-36 hours of not having any solid food.

But before you read the top ten benefits of fasting, you must remember that the right and proper nutrition becomes even more important when you are on a fast – so it is essential that the diet undertaken during fasting includes all the important minerals and vitamins.

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Here are top 10 health benefits you can derive from fasting.

1. Fasting leads to purification of body

When you fast it promotes the activity of detoxification as fat gets burned and toxins are released from the body. As the body breaks down its fat reserves, the toxins in the body are moved out – thus reducing chances of disease.

2. Fasting improves insulin sensitivity

Fasting improves insulin sensitivity, which is an underrated benefit of fasting, as per the website wonderslist.  When cells in the body are tricked by the effects of insulin, they carry out a better job in regulating blood sugar levels after meals, and this reduces the burden on your pancreas.

3. Fasting allows the digestive system to rest

During fasting, the digestive organs are not active. So, fasting provides the digestive system a much-required rest. After fasting, both the digestion and elimination body systems are given new energy.

4. Immunity gets a booster shot after fasting

Fasting boosts immunity if one does not break the fast with a heavy meal or meals. The fruits eaten during fasting contain vitamins A and E, which greatly improve immunity.

5. Fasting can balance your blood pressure

If you want to correct your blood pressure, try fasting. In fact, if, after making fasting a habit, a healthy diet and lifestyle is maintained, blood pressure patients can greatly lower or raise their blood pressure.

6. Fasting may help to overcome addictions

Fasting makes it easier to get rid of bad habits and addictions. Many people have made progress in reducing or giving up alcohol, tobacco and even drug consumption through fasting.

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7. Fasting encourages weight loss

Fasting can help initiate rapid weight loss, and at the same time you will not feel hungry. Fasting decreases the store of fats in the body. Though you must be careful – fasting is not a smart way you lose weight. To achieve long-lasting weight reduction – cut down on fat and sugar intake, and you will experience glorious results.

8. Fasting resolves inflammatory response

Some studies indicate that fasting triggers sorting out of inflammatory allergies and diseases such as arthritis and skin diseases such as psoriasis. Some experts even say that fasting can cure inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis.

9. Fasting helps you adopt healthy diet

Fasting is the best to achieve a healthy balance of diet and lifestyle. Once you start fasting you will realize that your craving for processed food such as cheese burgers, pizza, pies, pastries, and chips goes down, and you will want to eat more natural foods and also water.

10. Fasting clears skin and whitens the eyes

One of the great benefits of fasting includes getting a clear skin and the whitening of the eyes. It is common to see skin eruptions disappear while fasting, and the whites of the eyes never look as bright as they do are after fasting.

Written by: Rohit karir

Date last updated: May 31, 2015

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