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Juice fasting

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Juice fasting is way to detoxify the body though many people resort to it to lose weight. It implies consuming fruits and vegetable juices for a certain period which depends on the goal of the fasting. 

How does the process work?

You are receiving many different forms of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from having fresh organic juices throughout the day. Since you will not be consuming solid foods, your energy machinery will be diverted towards detoxification and internal healing of the body.

What are the benefits of juice fasting?
  • Reduces toxin and heavy metal load of body
  • Boosts immunity and function of the liver
  • Balances Ph and sugar levels of the body
  • Helps to cut down extra fat
  • Improves digestion, constipation and colon health
  • Aids in cellular healing process
  • Makes you feel light and positive
  • Promises glowing and flawless skin  


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How long to juice fast?

The duration of juice fasting depends on your body’s ability to tolerate intake of only liquid foods and the purpose behind the fast. It can last from 3-60 days.

If you want to detoxifying your body, then 3 days are enough. You can extend the tenure a bit longer, may be for a week for building immunity, rejuvenating skin, improving gut health, etc.

People who look forward to losing weight voraciously follow an extended period of juice fasting. However, this should be done only under the guidance of a dietician.

How to prepare for juice fast

It’s advised not to take the plunge into juices directly. Re plan your diet and start eating healthy 2-3 days before. Have vegetable dishes, grilled lean chicken or fish, soups and nuts. Avoid having juices or too many fruits because the next few days you will be only having them.

Juice Fast Plan

First determine the number of days you are going be on juice fast. Stock up on vegetables and fruits. Your vegetable cart must contain kale, spinach, ginger, lemon, cucumber, parsley, carrot, beet root, sweet potatoes, celery sticks, sweet potatoes, broccoli, etc. while load your fruit basket with apples, oranges, blueberries, etc. You can also juice out kiwi, pineapples and mangoes but they need some good effort.

More than 50% of the juice should come from leafy greens to get the desired results. Here we offer you a simple plan which you can follow for 3 days juice fasting...

Recipe for breakfast: Take 2 carrots, one apple and one inch of ginger. Juice out and drink. You can opt for combining lemon or lime with carrots or beetroot or apples.

Recipe for lunch: 4 tomatoes, half kilo cucumber, 1 celery stick, half red onion and 2 cups of parsley. The juice should be heavy and filling for lunch. So you can opt for your favourite vegetable to enjoy the fasting ritual. 

Recipe for dinner: Pick 6-8 kale leaves or half a bunch of spinach or broccoli and mix some ginger and one cucumber. Juice and gulp. You can add ice, crushed mint and pepper to improvise the taste.

Mid meal recipes: Indulge in drinking a glass of juice of a single fruit or vegetable of your choice (like kiwi, watermelon, pineapple, mango, tomato, mint or cucumber) before main meals in order to avoid feeling hungry.

Points to remember while juice fasting
  • Do not exercise or perform strenuous physical activities
  • Drink juices and water throughout the day to keep yourself full
  • Stop fasting if you feel nauseous, dizzy or vomiting
  • It is not advised to people with major health complication, especially GERD.
Written by: healthplus24.com, team
Date last updated: Feburary 18, 2014

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