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Fasting with lemon and honey
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Fasting is a way to give rest to your digestive system and use the preserved energy for the coming days. This way your digestive power improves over the time. Fasting with lemon and honey means depending on them for a day for receiving the much touted health benefits.

How to fast with lemon and honey?

If you are used to fasting now and then, then surviving a day without solid food should not be a problem. Those trying for the first time need to garner better control over hunger pangs. So here’s the plan...
Warm a glass of water and add juice of half lemon and 2 teaspoons of honey. Drink it after getting up in the morning.
You need to repeat the same every 2 hours. You can drink plain normal water in between. Finish the ritual early i.e. by 7 pm. Brush your teeth and go to sleep as early as possible.

Advantages of lemon-honey fast

  • Lemon and honey is a master cleanse for your system. If you have been eating spicy and heavy foods continuously, then go on a fast to detoxify your system. The antioxidants present in lemon and honey will completely purify your body
  • Lemon being rich in vitamin C will improve your immunity so will honey protect you from microbial infections. So try this fasting once a week to experience the wonderful effects.
  • It’s excellent for the skin as well
  • Some people resort to lemon and honey fast regularly for losing weight. It’s effectiveness in losing weight has been proven

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Disadvantages of fasting with lemon and honey

Fasting with lemon and honey can have ill effects on health when done repeatedly and for long term. The acid in lemon can be detrimental for your stomach if you are suffering from gastritis. Overdose of lemon can erode your teeth. Furthermore, some people who are new to fasting suffer from dizziness and vomiting due to empty stomach for 24 long hours.  


Points to remember while fasting with lemon and honey
  • Do not exert yourself physically while fasting. Choose a day preferably when you are off from work. Take break from yoga, aerobics, dance or any other extracurricular activities on that day
  • Avoid activities that make you restless, unstable or excited. You tend to feel hungry under the impact of such activities.
  • Rest and remain calm when you are fasting. Read a book, listen to music to calm down your mind
  • You might feel hungry at the end of the day, since you won’t be eating neither meals nor snacks. Try to overcome the hunger
  • Check with your doctor if you can skip your medicines for a day. Do not decide on your own
  • Lastly, a word of caution- lemon and honey fast is not advised to those suffering from gastrointestinal disorders like acidity, nausea, heartburn, gastritis, etc. It’s better to consult your doctor prior to fasting when you have other health issues as well
  • Lemon –honey fast is not suggested during menstruation, pregnancy or for breastfeeding women either ·
  • Discontinue fasting immediately on experiencing dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea or vomiting. Resume your normal diet

Fasting with lemon and honey when followed in the right manner and right proportion is healthy and beneficial for you, unless you go to the extremes.

Written by: healthplus24.com, team
Date last updated: Feburary 04, 2014 

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