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Success stories of alternative medicine in cancer treatment

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Using alternative medicine for cancer treatment is a controversial topic in the US and much of the rest of the world. This is because when conventional treatment

doctors try to publish and promote their scientific studies in support of alternative medicine - the traditional doctors community and the drugs industry tries its
best that it does not get published or get official approval.
While there is no doubt that conventional medicine is very important in detection, tests, and surgery - many Indians turn to alternative medicine to cure or prevent a relapse of the particular type of cancer they are suffering from. Many patients from India and other countries have told about their positive experience with alternative medicine through newspaper stories, in medical journals, and in books.
Most people who have tried alternative medicine say that to cure cancer this way one has to find out what kind therapies are most suitable for them – depending on what kind personalities they are, their lifestyle and the cancer they are treating.

Why alternative medicine has succeeded in cancer treatment

Be it breast cancer, brain cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer or bladder cancer, etc., each has its conventional treatments. But in alternative

medicine, all types of cancer are considered the same - as the root cause of cancer is a faulty immune system. If the immune system goes back to normal, cancers can be controlled and removed from the human body.
The reason why many cancer patients have had success with alternative medicine is because they have managed to clean their system of toxins, stress, and think positively through good diet, taking herbal medicines, meditation, healthy sleeping patterns, and living daily with a goal.

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Success stories with alternative medicine

Subhash Sharma, a yoga therapist who trained for 19 years in a gurukul in Rajasthan, and is also a post-graduate from Kasturba Medical College in Manipal, told news agency IANS that he has cured many cancer cases including brain, breast and blood cancer.

He told of a case of a British woman who had brain cancer. She had surgery and was given three months to live. “It is four years since she has been cured,” he said. Then there is Bhavna Singh whose mother was diagnosed with stage 3B cancer of the uterus. "She is doing perfectly fine now” with the disease in remission, said Sharma. Doctors had given her mother 25-30 percent chance of survival, and tried chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions as well as Sharma’s yoga therapy along with his diet regimen.
Gemma Hoefkens, a resident and Registered Homeopath in Birminghm in the UK, told the BBC recently that she was diagnosed with brain tumour in her spine. She tried conventional treatment in the form of radio and chemotherapy but she developed a bad reaction as she put on weight, lost hair and her eye sight became weak. She said the alternative medicine therapy of homeopathy, which is the first course of treatment for many Indians, helped her recover, and said that there is evidence in support of homeopathy that goes back to 2000 years. 
In a story reported in The Huffington Post, Hollie and Patrick wrote a book titled, ‘You did what?: Saying No to Conventional Cancer Treatment’, and told their story of what they did in 2002 after Hollie was diagnosed with breast cancer during her first pregnancy at the age of 27. After consulting with a conventional doctor, the couple decided to seek help from alternative medicine. They radically changed their diet and lifestyle and used botanical medicines, acupuncture, Chinese medicine and nutritional supplements. They also consulted with professionals experienced in this approach.
Since 2002, Hollie has been cancer-free and very healthy. She and Patrick have had another child. This couple’s experience reflects today’s reality - that many Oncologists and Oncology Centers now include Alternative Cancer Care in the treatment plans of patients.
Huffington Post reported that due to advanced understanding of cancer genetics, Oncologists are acknowledging that cancer treatment can individualized – and that alternative medicine techniques involving changes in diet, lifestyle, nutrients and botanicals and acupuncture can be a more complete treatment approach for cancer patients.

Written by: healthplus24.com, team
Date last updated: May 28, 2014

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